Friday, May 18, 2012

She'll never read my poems

She'll never read my poems
She'll never read my poems 6
I'm wearing:

1. Striped cardigan, from Zara.
2. Graphic t-shirt with scoop neck, from Zara.
3. Skinny jeans, also from Zara.
4. Leather lace-up boots, from Asos.
She'll never read my poems 3
It's nice to know that after a few rough weeks, there are good moments that make all the struggle worth it. I went for ice cream with my friend Sand, and when I say 'went for' I mean 'minimum required: 5 scoops' happened. It was really awesome. 

After that, we went to this relatively new museum that looks like a giant disco ball, but cooler. The wind was strong and gave the pictures a whole new feeling (not just crazy hair, hehe). And, earlier on the day, we went to this underground beauty-ish and health store where they had this amazing wall with stripes and a huge panel of multicolored lights (first photo). Of course, taking photos inside isn't allowed... We did it anyway. Haha.

As for the title, I'll leave that open for interpretation. Guess it's kinda easy to understand.

// Es bueno saber que después de un par de semanas pesadas, hay buenos momentos que hacen la incomodidad soportable. Fui por helado con mi amiga Sand, y cuando digo "ir por helado" me refiero a que sucedió una cosa de "mínimo: 5 conos". Estuvo bien padre. 

Después de eso, fuimos a este relativamente nuevo museo que parece una bola de disco gigante, pero más buena onda. El viento era muy fuerte y eso le dio un sentido nuevo a las fotos (no sólo cabello salvaje, ja). Y, antes ese día, fuimos a una como boutique de belleza-salud-cosa subterránea donde tenían una pared increíble con rayas blanco y negro y un gran gran panel de luces. Por supuesto, no permitían fotos adentro... Aún así las tomamos. Jaja. 

// En cuanto al título se refiere, lo dejo libre a interpretación. Creo que es fácil entenderlo. 
She'll never read my poems 4 She'll never read my poems 5 She'll never read my poems 2 She'll never read my poems 7
That's the Soumaya Museum, pretty cool, huh?

Love always,

Photographer: Sand.

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