Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Tell Me I'm A Screwed Up Mess.

Tell Me I'm a screwed up mess
Tell Me I'm a screwed up mess 3
I'm wearing:

1. Black vest, from Zara. 
2. Evil t-shirt, from Asos. 
3. Super skinny jeans, from Zara. 
4. Black leather lace-up boots, from Asos. 
5. Pocket watch, from Asos.
Tell Me I'm a screwed up mess 7
I'm so thrilled because I finally have a pocket watch. It's super awesome and I've wanted one since I was a kid. It came from; that British online store is amazing (and the international delivery is free!). It takes a month for the items to arrive to Mexico but they're really worth it. British fashion is pretty unique, there's a great balance between casual/formal and it's a little edgier than American fashion. I can get awesome accessories and super good deals for garments.

I'm in the final two weeks of school and going through a lot of stress right now, but my escape has been this blog. I love to update it (as often as possible) and share the results with you. On a similar note, on the little spare time I had, I did a really cool drawing of myself, a self-portrait featuring this outfit. What do you think? (:

// Estoy muy emocionado porque al fin tengo un reloj de bolsillo. Es lo máximo y lo he querido desde que era chiquito. Vino de; en serio, esa tienda online británica está bien bien padre (¡¡y el envío internacional es gratis!!). Las cosas tardan como un mes en llegar pero valen la pena. La moda británica es única, tiene este balance buena onda entre casual/formal pero con mucha onda, un poco más que la moda estadounidense. 

Estoy en las últimas dos semanas de la escuela y paso por mucho estrés pero, con todo eso, mi escape ha sido este blog. Me encanta actualizarlo (tan pronto como puedo) y compartir los resultados con todos ustedes. En una nota similar, tuve un poquito de tiempo libre e hice un dibujo padre de mí, un autorretrato utilizando este atuendo. ¿Qué les parece? (:
Tell Me I'm a screwed up mess 2 Tell Me I'm a screwed up mess 4 Tell Me I'm a screwed up mess 5 Tell Me I'm a screwed up mess 6
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Love always,

Photographer: Marlen.

Currently listening: One Direction - Tell Me A Lie.


  1. holy crap, a whole months for the stuff to arrive? Guess I'm lucky enough to receive things from asos in about a week, and 3 days via express delievery. Also good luck with your studying and stuff mate!

    1. You're really, really lucky, mate. It sucks to wait an entire month, but I cope with that. He. And thanks for the luck wish, it was a great semester for me (when it comes to grades).

      X, Hen (:


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