Friday, July 27, 2012

Everybody dances to their own "boom boom"

Everybody dances to their own boom boom
Everybody dances to their own boom boom 5
I'm wearing:

1. Beige vest, from Pull & Bear.
2. Basic beige t-shirt, from Pull & Bear, layered with a stitched tee from Zara. 
3. Ligh denim shorts, self-made.
4. Denim sneakers, from Converse. 
5. Leather satchel, from Asos.
6. Pocket watch necklace, from Asos.
7. Striped hat, from Zara.
Everybody dances to their own boom boom 2
There's something about action photo-shoots that I really love. I can't pin-point exactly what that is, it may be the movement, the adrenaline, it could be the wind, the floating effect. I really don't know. These photos were so much fun to take, my friend Marlen and I were so in sync, it was ridiculous awesome. So yeah, I was jumping and running and spinning everywhere at school. Sadly, lots of the pictures were ruined by people passing by, making me feel miserable... But lots turned out fantastic too. 

I layered two t-shirts because I think it looks kinda cool. The shorts were made out of jeans that I didn't wear anymore but still are in great condition. I fell in love with them all-over again. The satchel is from Asos, it was cheap and I think looks very sophisticated. Ha. And this is the shoot that inspired me to do the summer banner for this blog. 

Lately, the traffic in my blog has increased so much and new followers/friends/lost boys are arriving each week. I love you guys so much for coming to my page and reading my non-sense, boring and superficial life. You're awesome and I've tried to establish a connection with every single one of you (the ones that make their visits public, anyway). Thanks again and I'll try to keep you wowed with every post. 

// Amo las fotos en movimiento. No puedo explicar precisamente por qué o qué es eso que me atrapa. Quizá sea el movimiento en sí, la adrenalina, el viento o la ilusión de flote. Realmente no sé. Estas fotos fueron súper divertidas. Mi amiga Marlen y yo estábamos en perfecta sincronía, era ridículo increíble. Así que ahí estaba yo, en la escuela, brincando, corriendo y girando por todos lados. Desgraciadamente, muchas de las fotos se echaron a perder porque había personas caminando por ahí. Eso me hace sentir miserable. Pero me alegra que muchas quedaron bien padres. 

Sobrepuse dos playeras porque creo que se ve muy bien. Los shorts son hechos en casa, salieron de unos jeans que ya nunca usaba pero estaban en gran estado. Me enamoré de ellos otra vez. La mochila-maletín es de Asos, fue barata y creo que se ve buena onda y sofisticada. Ja. Y estas son las fotos que me inspiraron para crear el encabezado de verano para el blog. 

Últimamente, las visitas al blog han incrementado bastante y nuevos seguidores/amigos/niños perdidos llegan cada semana. Los amo muchísimo por visitar mi página y leer mi tonta, aburrida y superficial vida. Son increíbles y he tratado de establecer una conexión con cada uno de ustedes (por los menos con los que hacen sus visitas públicas). Gracias otra vez y trataré de mantenerlos diciendo "wow" con cada post. 
Everybody dances to their own boom boom 4 Everybody dances to their own boom boom 3 Everybody dances to their own boom boom 6 
Love always,

Photographer: Marlen

Currently listening: Owl City - Good Time.


  1. wow thank u so much, u look awsome! i am following u :)

  2. Love the casual look and how your pics are always active!

    PS: I awarded you with a Liebster Award! See my blogpost about it!


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