Sunday, September 2, 2012

It was my birthday and... Yeah.

It was my birthday and.. yeah
It was my birthday and.. yeah 6
I'm wearing:

1. Denim jacket, from Pull & Bear.
2. Striped and knotted t-shirt, from Zara. 
3. Black super skinny jeans, from Asos.
4. Leather desert boots, from Pull & Bear. 
5. Leather belt, also from Pull & Bear.
6. Mermaid necklace, from Asos.
It was my birthday and.. yeah 3
My 20th birthday was this week. I'm at that point in my life where, instead of feeling really excited for growing a year older, I feel like I'm too old and really wish the time would stop. I feel old but not very wise. I'm still thinking like a 17 year old (it's important to say, tho, I was very mature at that age, haha). I think it's scary to leave childhood and teenage years behind to face adulthood; stop going to school, moving away from home, I don't know. It's quite overwhelming.

Anyhow... I really love this look, my denim jacket is perfect (I've been wanting one forever and finally got one); also love the contrast with the black jeans since it doesn't look like same coloured denim put together. The desert boots were super cheap on Pull And Bear's sale and they're incredibly comfortable and look amazingly cool. I'm really into knotting my t-shirts, shirts and sweaters recently, don't know why but I really like how it looks. The mermaid necklace just felt natural with the sailor-like t-shirt. 

// Mi cumpleaños 20 fue esta semana. Estoy en ese punto de mi vida donde, en vez de emocionarme muchísimo por crecer un año más, siento que estoy viejo y me encantaría parar el tiempo. Me siento viejo pero no muy sabio. Sigo pensando como cuando tenía 17 años (cabe mencionar que era muy maduro a esa edad, jaja). Creo que, en general, da miedo dejar niñez, adolescencia y convertirse en un adulto; dejar de ir a la escuela, mudarse de casa, no sé. Es abrumador.

En fin... En serio me encanta este atuendo. Mi chamarra de mezclilla es perfecta (había querido una desde siempre y por fin la conseguí); también amo el contraste entre ella y los jeans negros porque así no se ve como mezclilla sobre mezclilla en un mismo color. Las botas de desierto fueron súper baratas en la rebaja de Pull And Bear y son la cosa más cómoda y buena onda del mundo. Últimamente me gusta mucho hacerle nudos a mis playeras, camisas y sweaters, no sé por qué pero lo hago mucho y me fascina cómo se ve. El collar de sirena se sintió natural con la playera marinera.It was my birthday and.. yeah 4 It was my birthday and.. yeah 2 It was my birthday and.. yeah 5 It was my birthday and.. yeah 7
What do you guys think? Do you like the outfit? Do you have any comments on growing older?
Love always,

Photographer: Marlen.

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  1. Happy belated birthday!! And don't worry, I was SO scared when I reached 20 (I always said I was 19+1 haha) but I loved 21, am almost turning 22 now and it is scary again but yeah it's all part of life :) just life it to the fullest! Cool look again :)

    1. Thank you! Your words really inspired me. I'm still scared, he, but I'll make the most of this year and the years to come. Am also be checking your blog (:

  2. happy birthday!
    love your style and your blog!
    check out my blog and let me know if you want to follow each other!
    thank you!

    1. Thank you Evi! I already checked out your blog and it's really cool. Sure, let's follow each other!


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