Saturday, August 31, 2013

Skinny Is The Golden Rule.

How would you feel if someone was following you, taking pictures and posting them on the web? What about if those photos looked amazing? Would you like the attention? This is an editorial I made inspired on Skins Pure and Cassie Ainsworth. 

Photographer: Felipe Flores

Currently listening: Segal - Skins Pure Mini Mix.

Skins Pure Photo 2 Skins Pure Photo 1 Skins Pure Photo 3 Skins Pure Photo 4 Skins Pure Photo 5 Skins Pure Photo 6 Skins Pure Photo 7 Skins Pure Photo 8 Skins Pure Photo 9 Skins Pure Photo 10 Skins Pure Photo 11 Skins Pure Photo 12 Skins Pure Photo 13 Skins Pure Photo 14
It's pure. Just you, me and the world sees what we want.
Love always, 


  1. Oooow ya queria ver este post :) Comparto la obsesion por esta serie <3 Te quedo muy muy bien Hen ! (Por cierto, muero por tus vans jaja)

    1. Jajaja, muchas gracias Iz. Yo también amo esos Vans, los conseguí en un outlet en Los Angeles por 20 dólares :D

  2. i love this! and i like that idea blurring the line between stalker photos and really great editorial photos!

    1. I know, right? It's such a complex and interesting way to treat the subject!
      Thanks Camay (:


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