Saturday, May 31, 2014


After a while traveling by myself and, later, with friends, I came to realize that being a tourist or a foreigner is something that  I really like. Being in a place that's not your home but that can also make you feel happy and safe is quite exciting, wouldn't you agree?

The theme for this month's editorial comes from that idea and I chose to create characters that were traveling. I teamed up with my good friend Ana and we invaded a really cool hotel to snap some photos. I like to believe that we look like cool travelers. Please tell me what you think with a line on the comment section!

Currently listening: Ellie Goulding - Guns & Horses.

Travelers 3 Travelers 4 Travelers 1 Travelers 7 Travelers 5 Travelers 6 Travelers 2
Love always,


  1. I love these photos <3

  2. oh que bello!!!tenemos que seguir turisteando!!:) loviu!


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