Thursday, April 30, 2015

Break Down The Walls.

Our vulnerabilities are something that we keep to ourselves most of the time. We put on masks, build walls and try our hardest to keep people out. It's hard for people to open up to others, it's hard because we've all been hurt by doing that. The theme for this month's editorial is breaking down the walls, taking the challenge of being exposed in different ways. 4 outfits, a pair of contacts and a good photographer/friend, that's all it took.

Being vulnerable, opening up, is a slow process, it's something that changes the way you feel and, sometimes, it's scary. You're letting someone in and, in most cases, without knowing how they'll react to your true self. Some of those will find that too intimidating and run away but; others, will embrace you and, by some miracle, you'll feel like everything's going to be okay.

Hope you enjoy these photos.

Photographer: Bobby Raffin.

Currently listening: 5 Seconds Of Summer - Never Be.

Baby Blue Eyes 1 Baby Blue Eyes 2 Baby Blue Eyes 7 Baby Blue Eyes 6 Baby Blue Eyes 8 Baby Blue Eyes 4 Baby Blue Eyes 3 Baby Blue Eyes 5 Baby Blue Eyes 9
Love always,


  1. All of these looks look amazing! ♥

  2. Thank you for your kind words on my blog <3
    Love your pictures! You're such a handsome guy!

    Love, Helena

    1. Thanks Helena, I'm blushing, hehehe.

  3. Unas fotos increíbles!

  4. stunning photos!!!
    smizing for miles!!!! <3


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