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All That Glitters... (Tiny Deal Collab)

All That Glitters Tiny Deal Review
All That Glitters Tiny Deal Review 4 I'm wearing:

2. Long sleeve t-shirt with sheer panels in black, from Codes Combine Korea.
3. Super skinny jeans in black, from H&M.
All That Glitters Tiny Deal Review 6
A while ago, I was discussing something with a fellow blogger friend: we talked about how some of our better collaborations have been with unexpected brands; we both agreed that being a good blogger has nothing to do with partnering up with the fanciest brands. Sure, it's nice when you have a high-end brand looking your way but that doesn't mean that you should ignore all the others.

Last autumn, the guys from Tiny Deal contacted me and told me that they wanted to work with me. I was a bit skeptical because the prices on their store are insanely cheap and I have trust issues, but, when I decided to do it and I received my first package I knew that we were going to get along just fine. A few months later, we're still collaborating and I can honestly say that this brand fits me well. I'm all about saving money, shopping at bargain prices and making the most out of my garments, just like Tiny Deal.

This time, I chose three pieces (I'm only featuring two on this post) and I really wanted to test the waters and see how good their jackets, trench coats and sneakers were. I love this jacket so much, the color is really good, it fits me like a glove and the material is perfect for this hot/rainy season. The sneakers were also a pleasant surprise, the sole is thick and resistant and I really like the velcro detailing at the front. So far, so good. I love shopping at Tiny Deal and you should give them a go too. Check out all their catalogue by clicking here.

// Hace un tiempo, discutía algo con una amiga blogger: hablamos de cómo muchas de nuestras mejores colaboraciones han sido con marcas inesperadas; ambos acordamos que ser un buen blogger tiene poco qué ver con hacer alianza con las marcas más fancy. Claro, es grandioso tener a una marca de alto calibre viendo hacia ti pero eso no significa que debas ignorar a las otras. 

El otoño pasado, las personas de Tiny Deal me contactaron y dijeron que querían trabajar con migo. Estaba un poco escéptico porque los precios en su tienda son locamente bajos y yo tengo problemas para confiar, pero, cuando decidí hacerlo y recibí mi primer paquete supe que íbamos a acoplarnos bastaste bien. Unos meses más tarde, sigo colaborado con ellos y puedo decir, con honestidad, que esta marca va bien conmigo. Yo estoy a favor de ahorrar dinero, comprar cosas en rebaja y sacarle el mayor provecho a mis prendas, justo como Tiny Deal.

Esta vez elegí tres piezas (sólo estoy mostrando dos en este post) y realmente quería probar qué tan buenas sus chamarras, gabardinas y tennis eran. Amo esta chamarra, el color es muy bueno, me queda como guante y el material es perfecto para esta temporada de calor y lluvias. Los tennis también fueron una sorpresa agradable, la suela es gruesa y resistente y me gusta mucho el detalle de velcro al frente. Hasta ahora, todo bien. Amo comprar en Tiny Deal y en serio deberían darle una oportunidad. Vean todo su catálogo haciendo click aquí.
All That Glitters Tiny Deal Review 3 All That Glitters Tiny Deal Review 5 All That Glitters Tiny Deal Review 2 All That Glitters Tiny Deal Review 7 Love always,

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  1. I love to hear that you have your concerns about brands with cheap prices(I got numerous offers from low quality cheap web-sites as well but mostly prefer my readers over their offers), btw trench look great, classic and will be in forever!

    1. Yes! It's not easy to trust those sites but Tiny Deal has been a marvelous surprise (:

  2. Good outfit!!



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