Friday, June 19, 2015

Infinity (Dress Link Collab)

Infinity Dress Link Review
Infinity Dress Link Review 7 I'm wearing:

2. Studded blazer in black, from Zara.
3. TUFF graphic t-shirt, from Forever 21.
4. Super skinny jeans in black, from H&M.
5. Suede Chelsea boots in black, from Frank Wright.
7. Rings, from H&M.
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Leather backpack from Ben Minkoff // Chelsea boots from Grenson // Skinny jeans from Ksubi // Blazer from Mr. Start
Infinity Dress Link Review 3 Hey friends! I recently did a haul video on my YouTube channel that was all about Chinese wholesale stores. You know, those online shops selling Asian fashion items at ridiculously good prices. I love a good bargain and I'm always shopping when things are on sale, I just don't feel like paying full-price for items that I know will get a discount. But, I must say, I have no problem purchasing cheap things, that are that way from the get-go.

That's the case with Dress Link, one of these Chinese wholesale stores. I got contacted by them to review a few things and it was a bit challenging because it's a womenswear store but I figured some of the accessories would be unisex. I was right. I got the black backpack and the round sunglasses for less than 10 dollars, it's crazy cheap. The backpack was a big success; I have a bad posture and I need bags that have two straps to keep me balanced, plus it looks really cool and I wanted a black one (since I already own a brown one). The glasses were okay, they seemed rounder on the website but they look nice enough.

Dress Link is a store where you'll find items with amazing prices but you have to watch out for the quality and the sizing. I agreed to collab with them because I found suitable accessories for men but there's not a lot of those either. It's basically for the girls and the possibilities they have are infinite.

// ¡Hey amigos! Hace poco hice un video haul en mi canal de YouTube que se trató de tiendas online de ropa china. Ya saben, esas que venden moda asiática a precios ridículamente buenos. Amo una buena rebaja y siempre estoy comprando cosas en descuento, es que ya no creo en pagar precio total por prendas que, sé, tendrán descuento. Pero, debo decir, tampoco tengo problema comprando cosas que ya son baratas desde el inicio.

Ése es el caso con Dress Link, una de esas tiendas de ropa china. Me contactaron para hacer crítica de algunas cosas y fue un poco difícil porque es una tienda de ropa para mujer pero supuse que algunos accesorios serían unisex. Tuve razón. Elegí unos lentes y una mochila negra, ambas cosas costaron menos de diez dólares, una locura. La mochila fue un gran éxito; tengo mala postura y necesito de las que tienen os tirantes a la espalda para mantenerme derecho, además está bonita y necesitaba una negra (ya tengo una café). Los lentes están bien, parecían más redondos en la página web pero no se ven mal.

Dress Link es una tienda donde van a encontrar cosas con precios impresionantes pero tienen que tener cuidado con la calidad y las tallas. Yo acepté colaborar con ellos porque encontré accesorios apropiados para hombre pero tampoco hay mucho de donde elegir. Es básicamente para mujer y las posibilidades para ellas son infinitas.
Infinity Dress Link Review 6 Infinity Dress Link Review 2 Infinity Dress Link Review 5 Infinity Dress Link Review 4 Let me know if you end up buying something from Dress Link
Love always, 

Photographer: Danny G.


  1. so cool! glad to here you`re happy with quality and backpack really looks great!

  2. lovely post, happy Monday!

  3. No se nota para nada, es que el negro va con todo :D

  4. Amazing look! Love that sunnies & jacket!


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