Friday, July 26, 2013

Frank Wright Shoes Worldwide Giveaway

I'm wearing:

1. Slim fit blazer, from Asos.
2. T-shirt with functional pocket glove, from SELF.
3. Gray skinny jeans, from Zara.
There's no such thing as "too many shoes", right? A couple months ago, I teamed up with the amazing shoe brand Frank Wright Shoes (click here to see that) and now I bring you, faithful readers, the chance to win a cool pair of shoes for yourself! That's right, Frank Wright is giving shoes to one of my readers (this is a worldwide giveaway!).

I really love Frank Wright, the material quality is great and the designs are brilliant. I created two outfits to showcase different models and each one has its own vibe. The first one is very classic and the second is much more urban.

// No existe tal cosa como "demasiados zapatos" ¿cierto? Hace un par de meses, hice mancuerna con una marca de zapatos increíble: Frank Wright Shoes (click aquí para ver eso) y ahora les traigo, mis fieles lectores, ¡la oportunidad de ganar un par de zapatos buena onda! Así es, Frank Wright está regalando unos zapatos a uno de mis lectores (¡este es un concurso internacional!)
I'm wearing:

1. Denim jacket, from Pull & Bear.
2. Blue sports t-shirt, from H&M.
3. Studded beige jeans, from H&M.
4. Mortimer suede boots in navy, from Frank Wright (out of stock now).
So, that's right, you can choose some oxfords or leather boots or any of the super cool shoes that Frank Wright shoes offers. It could be for you or a friend or a boyfriend or a brother or anyone who wears shoes (sorry hobos). Just have to follow the next simple steps:
1. Become a member of my blog via Google Friend Connection (you can do this with your Google and/or Twitter account) or via Bloglovin'.
3. Share this post via Facebook or retweet this tweet on Twitter.
4. Leave me a comment on this entry with your name, e-mail and the shoes (and size) you chose from the Frank Wright Shoes website.
Así que sí, ustedes pueden elegir unos oxfords o botas de piel o cualquiera de los zapatos padres que Frank Wright Shoes ofrece. Pueden ser para ustedes, para un amigo, novio, hermano o cualquiera que use zapatos (lo siento indigentes). Sólo deben seguir los siguientes pasos:
1. Volverse miembros de este blog via Google Friend Connection (pueden hacer esto con su cuenta de Google o su Twitter) o via Bloglovin'.
3. Compartan este post via Facebook o denle retweet a este tweet en Twitter.
4. Dejen un comentario en este post con su nombre, e-mail y los zapatos (y talla) que eligieron del sitio web de Frank Wright Shoes
 Love always,


  1. i love your hair, it's amazing.
    makes me happy to see a guy dye his hair this colour.
    much respect <3

  2. Hey, Hen.

    Mi nombre es Francisco Ongay González

    mi correo:

    Los zapatos que me gustaron son los FRANK WRIGHT Yarwood Navy Suede (, pero tengo un problema... ¿cómo saber la talla adecuada para mí? En México soy número 6 y medio...


  3. Warup!

    Ricardo Becerril Hernadez

    Stein Black Leather Lace Up Shoe ( sería como 6 y medio .

    Genial blog!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. -Luis Domínguez
    -Bridges Black Suede. Talla 8.

  6. Hey Kike! Felicidades x tu blog, luv da pink hair :)

    -Federico Escoto Estrada
    -Lucas Tan Leather Lace Up Boot UK size:9.5 US size 10.5

    Gracias por el dato y un abrazo!

  7. Luis Zabo

    Estos son los brogues :D

    Talla 8 1/2 MX

  8. Hey Kike!! Hola

    Ahora si me pusiste en aprietos, no sabía por cuales decidirme.Saludos

    Mi nombre Jorge Almaguer Salinas

    Me decidí por estos: FRANK WRIGHT
    Bishop II Rust Leather (

    MX size: 7 1/2

    Gracias!! :D

  9. Va de nuevo...
    Soy fan del outfit urbano, ese azul de tu playera es mi favorito en este momento (de hecho quiero una camisa de ese color). Tuviste mucha suerte en comprar ese par, están muy padres.

    Frank Wright
    Stein Tan Leather Lace Up Shoe
    Size 07


    PS. Sigo extrañando el otro blog.

  10. Claudio Bustamante
    Dodd Black Suede (
    Talla 7 MX

  11. Armando Flores
    Dodd Charcoal Suede Lace Up Shoe (
    Talla 6.5 MX

    Muy buen post y me encanta tu playera azul con el guante y tu cabello. Ya te lo había dicho.

  12. Sebastián Jaimes
    cellocbas@gmail.comFRANK WRIGHT
    Stein Tan Leather Lace Up Shoe (
    Talla 8 MX

  13. Fernanda Stalder
    Dodd Charcoal Suede Lace Up Shoe
    5 UK


  14. Steve Doble U

    (1)Dodd Mallard Blue Suede
    7 UK
    (2)Lucas Rust Leather Lace Up Boot
    7 UK

  15. Marco Contreras
    Dodd Black Suede (
    Talla 7 MX


  16. Hey Kike!, me encantó el look de la tee de corazón. Soy Adriana Chargoy García con mail en me gustaron los Bishop Tan Leather en 8 talla Méx.

  17. Hi from Czech republic!
    You look good in blazer but this one spoils your outfit, it's a pitty. Anyway nice combination, both!
    Stein Tan Leather Lace Up Shoe size: UK 8
    Jan Heimer

  18. Hi, this would be perfect for my boyfriend!
    Shoes size: 41
    Debora Ferri

  19. What up,

    Love these shoes

    size UK9

    Hamid Saeed -

    All the best from the UK

  20. Hey! Quedaron coool las fotos! :D

    Brenda Liviere Camacho
    Stein Black Leather Lace Up
    ( )
    Talla 6 MX

  21. Aló!

    Ana Cristina Vargas López
    Smith Black Leather Lace Up Boot
    6 MX - 3 1/2 UK

  22. Enrique Zamora
    Lucas Tan Leather Lace Up Boot

  23. Itz Elorza
    Dale ox blood milled leather lace-up boots (
    Talla: 6 Mx :)

  24. Hey Hen, you look really cool using Frank Wright Shoes! Frank Wright Shoes is the perfect pair and extremely popular style, perfect for smart-casual dress codes and everyday work wear. I hope I was lucky to win a pair of Frank Wright Shoes of my choice. I also want to look cool like you. Hopefully you picking me to win!

    Name : Fadil Kurniadi
    Email :
    Shoes : FRANK WRIGHT Bishop II Rust Leather
    Size : 7 UK

  25. Hi! Nice Blog! I love your style and your hair color so cool! Cheers! :)

    Name: Russel Manalastas


    Shoes :

    Size : 7

  26. Gracia por la invitación Kike Ü
    Te repito me gusta mucho tu blog! :D

    Sebastián ENRÍQUEZ

    Estos los amé Stein Tan Leather Lace Up Shoe

    Talla: 8 1/2 MX


  27. Alex Bolbat
    Frank Wright
    Bailey Black Milled Leather Lace Up Shoe
    Size: 10

  28. Hey!
    Gina Hernandez
    Carr Royal Blue Canvas
    Talla: 23 para México :)
    Un beso y así

  29. Rodrigo Alva

    PINK !

    Dodd Charcoal Suede 7 UK (

  30. I wish my boyfriend dresses like you haha!
    If I win, I'm definitely going to get him some nice shoes.
    FB: Marissa R Poon
    Twitter: @marissa_poon
    retweeted: @marissa_poon
    Shoes: Enfield Rust Leather
    Size: 11

  31. Andy Ovando,, size 8 shoe US, Smith Black Leather Lace Up Boot

  32. Hola, kike! ya está :)

    Amanda Varela,, Dodd Charcoal Suede Lace Up Shoe, talla 10

  33. Those blue leather shoes look much better in your photos!

    I'll take a chance on this for my s/o :D

    Enfield Rust Leather Lace Up Shoe (
    Size: UK 9

  34. Hello all the way from Malaysia!!

    I love Frank Wright Shoes! They are great! I already have 3 pairs of them!! Cant get enough of them!!

    Stein Tan Leather Lace Up Shoe UK10

    Much love!!
    Alan Thum

  35. Billy Ralf M. Sombilon

    Shoes size: 41 or size 8
    Love this shoe: FRANK WRIGHT
    Noble Black Leather/Suede Lace Up Shoe but love all their shoes!! It's up to you Hen what will you give If I'll win,..hehehhe,..thanks cool dude :D

    envy your hair ♥♥♥

  36. Elizabeth N. Mapes

    I love all of Frank Wright's designs, but my heart is currently taken by the Dodd Coconut Suede.
    Shoe size: 8

  37. Miguel Ángel Bravo Ruiz

    Frank Wright Bridges Black Suede

    Talla 9 :)

  38. Hey hola

    Soy Víctor Ulises Ramírez Soto

    Stein Tan Leather Lace Up Shoe

    Talla 8

    Saludos desde México :D

  39. Juan Francisco Flores Ayala
    Fry Black Leather
    talla 7MX

  40. So, that's right, you can choose some oxfords or leather boots or any of the super cool shoes that Frank Wright shoes offers. It could be for you or a friend or a boyfriend or a brother or anyone who wears
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