Thursday, March 31, 2016

Hello, my Japanese friend.

Taking chances... That was this month's theme and boy, did I take chances during March. Going back to Japan for a second time was something that I've been wanting to do since returned the first time. This time, though, I decided it was going to be different, it was going to be better. I've been doing so many things and meeting incredible people, loving every minute of this experience.

For this editorial, I wanted to capture something really special: I made a really good friend named Kazuki Yamada (who also happens to be a model) and we went to this really cool neighbourhood called Daikanyama for a super special awesome photo-shoot. 

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Hello My Japanese Friend 3 Hello My Japanese Friend 5 Hello My Japanese Friend 6 Hello My Japanese Friend 2 Hello My Japanese Friend 1 Hello My Japanese Friend 4
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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

One Afternoon (in collaboration with H&M)

One Afternoon in collaboration with HM
One Afternoon in collaboration with HM 3 I'm wearing:

1. All garments are from H&M.
2. All accessories are also from H&M.
3. Eddie sneakers in white leather, from Frank Wright.

One Afternoon in collaboration with HM 6 One Afternoon in collaboration with HM 7 This funny thing happened during my stay in Tokyo; once upon a time, and way before opening this blog, I had a account. If you're not familiar with that platform, it's very similar to Chictopia (where I'm still active): you upload photos of your daily outfits, tag the brands and receive hypes and comments from other users. Chiara Ferragni started there and she's one of the biggest bloggers in the world now, that's crazy.

And yes, I didn't become the next Chiara Ferragni but I did make a couple of friends thanks to that, we're talking about a time before Instagram, guys, it was a different world. Amongst the people I used to hype and get hypes and comments from was this guy called Kiko Cagayat. Well, a million years later, Kiko found me on Instagram and it was incredible, it made me feel quite nostalgic... Turns out, Kiko lives in Japan and, of course, we had to meet in real life!

He took me to a neighbourhood called Shimokitazawa, which is a low-key version of Harajuku, without the crepes but with tons of pretty cafés. And we did what bloggers do: we snapped photos of everything, talked about the good ol' Lookbook days and had lunch at a really cute place that you can see on my Instagram. In one afternoon, I managed to have a major throwback to a time when I wasn't a blogger and that made me realize how many cool things this blog has given to me. Plus, I made a new-old friend.

// Algo muy curioso pasó durante mi estancia en Tokyo; hace mucho tiempo, mucho antes de abrir este blog, yo tenía una cuenta de Si no están familiarizados con esa plataforma, es muy similar a Chictopia (donde aún publico); subes fotos de tus atuendos diarios, etiquetas a las marcas y recibes hypes y comentarios de otros usuarios. Chiara Ferragni comenzó ahí y ahora es una de las bloggers más grandes del mundo, es una locura.

Y si bien yo no me convertí en la siguiente Chiara Ferragni, sí hice amigos gracias a eso, estamos hablando de una era antes de Instagram, amigos, era un mundo distinto. Entre la gente con la que solía interactuar estaba este chavito llamado Kiko Cagayat. Pues, un millón de años más tarde, Kiko me encontró en Instagram y fue increíble, me hizo sentir gran nostalgia... Resulta que Kiko vive en Japón y, por supuesto, ¡teníamos que conocernos en la vida real!

Me llevó a este barrio llamado Shimokitazawa, que es como una versión más tranquila de Harajuku, sin las crepas pero con muchos cafés bonitos. E hicimos lo que los bloggers hacen: tomamos un millón de fotos de todo, hablamos de los viejos tiempos en Lookbook y almorzamos en este lugar muy mono, que pueden ver en mi Instagram. En una tarde, tuve un retroceso al pasado donde no era blogger y eso me hizo reflexionar en todas las cosas padres que este blog me ha dado. Además, hice un nuevo-viejo amigo.
One Afternoon in collaboration with HM 4 One Afternoon in collaboration with HM 5 One Afternoon in collaboration with HM 2 Love always,

Photographer: Kiko Cagayat.

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Saturday, March 26, 2016

YouTube Monthly Recap: March

Hey there best friends! It's that time of the month where we do a recap of all the videos that went live on my YouTube channel during this month. This has been such a great month for me and I hope that comes across in all the content I uploaded. You'll be the judge of that!

During March, I was super international and took you with me around the world! That's right. This was a month where a lot of my travel journals went online; I gave you a tour through San Francisco and showed you some really special places in Napa; then I announced I was going to Tokyo; also gave you some tips on stuff you need to know if you're travelling there, like me; the blogger diaries focused on my arrival to Tokyo and, finally; we tried some Japanese snacks together.

// ¡Hola mejores amigos! Es ese momento del mes donde hacemos una recapitulación de todos los videos que subieron a mi canal de YouTube durante ese mes. Éste ha sido un gran mes para mí y espero que se vea reflejado en el contenido que subí. Ustedes dirán (:

Durante marzo, fui muy internacional y los llevé conmigo ¡alrededor del mundo! Así es, éste fue un mes donde muchos de mis diarios de viaje subieron a internet; les di un tour por San Francisco y les enseñe algunos lugares especiales de Napa; luego anuncié que me iba a Tokyo; también les pasé unos tips en cosas que deben saber si van a viajar como yo; los blogger diaries se enfocaron en mi llegada a Tokyo y, finalmente; probamos botanas y dulces japoneses juntos.

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Thursday, March 24, 2016

You Fall In Love More Than Once (in collaboration with H&M)

you fall in love more than once in collaboration with HM
you fall in love more than once 2 I'm wearing:

1. Denim jacket in white, Modern Essentials Selected by David Beckham for H&M.
2. Oversized sweatshirt, from H&M.
3. Super skinny jeans in black, from Dr. Denim.
4. White and beige sneakers, from Adidas Silvr.
5. Reader's glasses, from H&M.
6. Fox necklace, from titiMadam.
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Rick Owens runner shoes, from Adidas x Rick Owens / Tech Harrington jacket, from Native Youth / Short sleeve maxi check shirt, from MELINDAGLOSS / Salerno MU chinos, from Zanerobe.   
you fall in love more than once 5 For one reason or the other, I've been giving lots of love advice these past few weeks. I don't know what's wrong with the world but relationships are ending and people are getting hurt. That's not fair, guys. It's okay to end relationships but, please, do your best to avoid hurting other people. Just accepting that something is over is hard enough, there's no need to add extra painful stuff to that unbearable feeling.

I guess I've always been a pretty good shoulder to rely on for my friends. I'm a good listener and I believe I give good advice; the one I've been repeating the most has to be, and this is one of my favourite ideas in the world, you fall in love more than once. I think I heard that on Teen Wolf, haha, but it's very true. Just because something ends doesn't mean that it's the end of the world. More people are out there, more love stories will happen. You fall in love more than once. 

It's funny to think how, no matter where you are, either Mexico City, Tokyo or anywhere else in the world, people still get their hearts broken. It's a universal thing. So, if anyone's out there feeling crappy over the ending of a relationship (or one that ended months or years ago but still hurts), remember that it will get better and someday, hopefully soon, you'll notice that too. You'll realise that you're healing and going back to person you were before the break-up. It's true. And yes, always remember, you fall in love more than once.

// Por una u otra razón, he estado dando muchos consejos de amor estas últimas semanas. No sé qué está fallando en el mundo pero las relaciones se están acabando y la gente termina herida. Eso no es justo, amigos. Está bien terminar relaciones pero, por favor, hagan su mejor esfuerzo para evadir lastimar a otras personas. Solamente aceptar que algo se acaba ya es suficientemente difícil, no hay necesidad de añadir dolor extra a esa sensación horrible.

Creo que siempre he sido un buen hombro para que mis amigos lloren. Soy bueno escuchando y creo que doy buenos consejos; el que he estado repitiendo más veces tiene que ser, y es una de mis ideas favoritas del mundo, te enamoras más de una vez. Creo que escuché eso en Teen Wolf, jaja, pero es muy cierto. Sólo porque algo se acaba no significa que el mundo se acaba también. Hay más gente allá afuera, más historias de amor sucederán. Te enamoras más de una vez.

Es curioso pensar cómo, no importa dónde estés, sea México, Japón o donde sea en el mundo, los corazones de las personas siempre se rompen. Es una cosa universal. Así que, si alguien está allá afuera sintiéndose mal porque su relación se acaba de terminar (o se terminó hace meses o años pero aún duele), recuerden que todo mejora y algún día, ojalá pronto, se darán cuenta de eso también. Notarán que están sanando y que están volviendo a ser quienes eran antes del quiebre. Es verdad. Y sí, siempre recuerden, te enamoras más de una vez.
you fall in love more than once 4 you fall in love more than once 6 you fall in love more than once 3 you fall in love more than once 7 Love always,

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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

MBFWT: Jotaro Saito AW16

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Tokyo Jotaro Saito
Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Tokyo Jotaro Saito 2 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Tokyo Jotaro Saito 5 One of the shows that I got invited to (actually invited to!) during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Tokyo was the one created by Jotaro Saito, one of the few Japanese designers that still create and specialise in kimonos. This show was so different from all the others because so many people who attended were there wearing kimonos: simple ones, intricate ones, it was such a pleasure to see, so different. 

Talking about this with a Japanese friend I made, he told me that (for him) watching this wasn't anything special and I guess in some way he's right. When you're around something for a very long time it kind of loses its charm. Maybe the same thing happens in Mexico for me, maybe for some people something is truly fascinating and for me it's just something I grew accustomed to. 

Jotaro Saito's show was pretty cool; it was a very long show, lasting almost 40 minutes, with a million different creations. It kind of made me want to wear a kimono someday in my life. You think I could pull it off? Haha. The models were walking to the beat of dubstep and hip hop which made everything a lot cooler. That's one of the things I love most about Japanese culture, they manage to honour their past while still embracing the present.

// Uno de los shows a los que me invitaron (invitación, en serio) durante el Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Tokyo fue el de Jotaro Saito, uno de los pocos diseñadores japoneses que aún crean y se especializan en kimonos. Este desfile fue muy diferente al resto porque muchísima gente invitada usaba kimonos: simples, más elaborados, fue todo un placer ver eso, tan diferente.

Hablando de esto con un amigo japonés que hice, me dijo que (para él) ver esto no era nada especial y supongo que, en cierto sentido, tiene razón. Cuando estás alrededor de algo por mucho tiempo, como que pierde su encanto. Quizá la misma cosa me pasa en México, quizá para alguien, algo es realmente fascinante y para mí es sólo parte de algo a lo que ya me acostumbré.

El desfile de Jotaro Saito me gustó mucho; duró mucho tiempo, casi 40 minutos, con un millón de creaciones diferentes. Incluso hasta me dieron ganas de usar un kimono alguna vez en mi vida, ¿qué dicen, me vería bien? Jaja. Los modelos caminaron al ritmo de dubstep y hip hop, haciendo todo más buena onda. Esa es una de las cosas que amo más sobre la cultura japonesa, siempre logran honrar su pasado aún cuando abrazan al presente.
Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Tokyo Jotaro Saito 3 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Tokyo Jotaro Saito 4 Love always,

Monday, March 21, 2016

Taking A Stand (in collaboration with H&M for Tokyo Fashion Week)

Taking a Stand Collaboration with HM for Tokyo Fashion Week
Taking a Stand Collaboration with HM for Tokyo Fashion Week 5 I'm wearing:

1. Scuba backback, David Beckham Bodywear for H&M.
2. Leather biker jacket in black, from H&M.
3. Longline t-shirt in grey, from H&M.
4. Chinos in black, also from H&M.
5. Superstar sneakers in black, white and gold, from Adidas.
6. Septum ring, from H&M.
7. Oversized clubmasters, from Ray Ban.
8. Rings and bracelets, from H&M.

Taking a Stand Collaboration with HM for Tokyo Fashion Week 6 Taking a Stand Collaboration with HM for Tokyo Fashion Week 2 I've noticed, throughout Fashion Week (not only in Tokyo, but in other parts of the world too), that during this particular week people try really hard to stand out. With a million photographers attending the shows and many of them capturing the street style, it's a week when getting your photo taken by a professional becomes a top priority for some of the attendees.

I'm not going to lie, of course it feels nice when a photographer asks if it's okay to take your photo for a website or magazine, it's very flattering; but, also, it is at those moments when you realize what kind of people is attending Fashion Week. I classify them in three different characters: the first is the ridiculous, over the top person who dresses up, only for this occasion, in very extravagant outfits, someone who tries way too hard; the second type is the "I couldn't care less" kind of person who, while apparently trying to not care, actually wants their photo taken... And the third kind, probably my favourite: the ones who dress up for the occasion but still keep their essence intact.

I like to think that I fit right into the final category. During Fashion Week I tried to take a stand by staying true to my essence but I spiced it up a bit by adding accessories like cool backpacks or septum rings. And in a world of trying-too-hards, simplicity is highly appreciated, trust me, I still got my photo taken many times. So yeah, people in Fashion Week take a stand and choose in which category they want to belong and that, my friends, is quite fun to watch. It's a big part of the entertainment in between shows.

// Me he dado cuenta, gracias a Fashion Week (no sólo en Tokyo, pero en otras partes del mundo también), que durante esta semana en particular, la gente se esmera por sobresalir. Con un millón de fotógrafos asistiendo a los desfiles y muchos de ellos capturando el street style, es una semana donde que te tomen una foto los profesionales se convierte en una prioridad máxima para algunos de los que asisten.

No les voy a mentir, claro que se siente bonito cuando un fotógrafo te pregunta si puede tomar tu foto para una revista o página web, es muy halagador; pero, también, es en esos momentos donde te das cuenta qué tipo de personas están yendo a Fashion Week. Yo los clasifico en tres personajes diferentes: el primero es el ridículo y exagerado que se viste, sólo por esta ocasión, en atuendo muy extravagantes, alguien que trata de más; el segundo tipo son los "no me importa cómo me veo" que, en su intento de no dar importancia, realmente quieren que les tomen fotos... Y el tercer tipo, probablemente mi favorito: aquéllos que se visten acorde a la ocasión pero mantienen su esencia intacta.

Me gusta pensar que yo encajo en la última categoría. Durante Fashion Week traté de tomar esta postura al mantenerme fiel a mi esencia pero le di un toque más padre agregando accesorios, como mochilas buena onda y aretes de septum. Y, en un mundo de gente que se pasó de ridícula, la simplicidad es realmente apreciada, créanme, aún así me tomaron muchas fotos. Así que sí, la gente en Fashion Week toma una postura y elige en qué categoría quiere pertenecer y eso, mis amigos, es muy divertido de ver. Es una gran parte del entretenimiento entre cada desfile.
Taking a Stand Collaboration with HM for Tokyo Fashion Week 4 Taking a Stand Collaboration with HM for Tokyo Fashion Week 3 Taking a Stand Collaboration with HM for Tokyo Fashion Week 7 Love always,

Photographer: Jeera Mona.

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Saturday, March 19, 2016

My thoughts on Fashion Week Tokyo

Thoughts about MBFWT
Thoughts about MBFWT 6 Thoughts about MBFWT 5
As many of you already know, I came to Japan partially because I wanted to visit again and, also, because Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Tokyo was happening. I partnered with In Style Magazine and became a guest editor in order to attend the shows. Sadly, I only got invited to two events; luckily, I'm sneaky, I made friends and I was able to attend 8 shows, haha. You see? Networking is really important in life.

So, these are some things that I gathered from my time at Fashion Week:

1. Being a foreigner is actually a good thing. People treat you with respect and, thanks to language barriers, you can score better seats.

2. You need to have friends within the industry. I didn't get the chance to go to any after parties and I know there were some. That's because I wasn't friends with the designers or PR people. But, hey, it's okay... Kind of.

3. I survived on Red Bull and apple soda, not on food. After every show, there was an "open bar" with sake, vodka cocktails, Red Bull and apple soda; they encourage you to take more than one can at a time and I obeyed.

4. Even in Tokyo, the shows always start a little late; it's not that difficult to crash a show and; they're really discreet with the gift bags (which is kind of nice because if you don't get any, you'll never notice that they were actually giving them).

5. Most of the events were held at the top floor of a department store in Shibuya that works as a gallery too, which makes street style photography difficult to shoot. Also, the lighting on the shows could be a bit better.

With that said, I throughly enjoyed Fashion Week, I met really cool people at the shows and presentations and I would love to come back again for another season (and maybe drink 10 or 12 more Red Bulls, haha). I will write more about this experience soon, so stay tuned!

// Como varios de ustedes ya saben, vine a Japón parcialmente porque quería visitar nuevamente y, también, porque estaba el Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Tokyo. Hice equipo con la revista In Style y me convertí en un editor invitado para poder asistir a los desfiles. Tristemente, sólo me invitaron a dos eventos; por suerte, fui un loco e hice amigos, esto me permitió ir a 8 shows, jaja. ¿Ven? Es importante relacionarse bien.

Así que, aquí hay un par de cosas que viví y aprendí en mi paso por Fashion Week.

1. Ser extranjero juega a tu favor. La gente te trata con más respeto y, gracias a las barreras de lenguaje, puedes conseguir mejores asientos.

2. Necesitas tener amigos dentro de la industria. Yo no pude ir a ninguna de las after parties y supe que sí hubo algunas. Eso fue porque no soy amigo de los diseñadores o de la gente de relaciones públicas pero, hey, todo bien... Más o menos...

3. Viví de Red Bull y refresco de manzana, no de comida. Después de cada show, había una "barra libre" de sake, cocktails de vodka, Red Bull y refresco de manzana; insisten en que tomes más de uno al mismo tiempo y yo obedecí.

4. Aún en Tokyo, los desfiles empiezan un poco tarde; no es tan difícil colarte a alguno y; son muy discretos con las bolsitas de regalo (que es bastante amable porque si no te dieron, ni te das cuenta que sí había).

5. La mayoría de los eventos sucedieron en el último piso de una tienda departamental de Shibuya, que también funciona como galería. Eso hace que las fotos de street style sean difíciles de capturar. Además, la luz en los desfiles podría ser mejor.

Con eso dicho, en serio disfruté Fashion Week. Conocí gente muy padre en los desfiles y presentaciones y me encantaría regresar para otra temporada (y quizá tomarme otros 10 o 12 Red Bulls, jaja). Escribiré más sobre esta experiencia pronto, así que ¡manténganse al tanto!
Thoughts about MBFWT 3 Thoughts about MBFWT 4 Thoughts about MBFWT 2 Love always,

Thursday, March 17, 2016

One For The City (in collaboration with H&M for Tokyo Fashion Week)

one for the city tokyo fashion week collab with HM
one for the city tokyo fashion week collab with HM 7 I'm wearing:

1. Chunky sweater in brown, from H&M.
2. Clear lens glasses, from H&M.
3. Wide brim hat in brown, from Niko And.
4. Super skinny jeans in black, from Dr. Denim.
5. Eddie leather sneakers in white, from Frank Wright.
6. Seven dwarfs ring, thrifted.
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Felt zip fedora, from Larose / Cut & Sew gradient wool knit sweater, from Native Youth / Sport cotton chinos, from The Kooples / Low top sneakers, from Wings + Horns
one for the city tokyo fashion week collab with HM 4 one for the city tokyo fashion week collab with HM 8 For some people, Fashion Week is one of the most important (if not the most) weeks of the year. From New York to Milan, from Paris to Tokyo... It's filled with busy people, camera moments, networking, clothes, fashion, style, flashes... It's really crazy and, I can say this now that I've experienced it, really cool. For the longest time, I've been planning my return to Tokyo and when I finally had everything I needed, I found out that Fashion Week Tokyo would be happening during my time there. I couldn't miss it.

When you're a blogger, the purpose of going to Fashion Week is kind of tricky. I'm not a buyer for a department store, I'm not an editor and I, most definitely, can't afford to buy the pieces I'm seeing on the runway. So, what's the real purpose of the blogger going to Fashion Week? Well, entertainment and networking. You end up meeting tons of people, chatting, planning collaborations. You mingle with photographers, models, designers, editors, bloggers. You meet everyone. 

So far, I can say that Fashion Week Tokyo has been incredibly fun and it gave me the chance to meet new people and make new friends in Japan. I came here not knowing what to expect, just with a suitcase filled with clothes from H&M to wear, and I ended up having really cool opportunities. It's something that I would definitely like to do again. These photos capture some of that and I want to thank the super talented Finnish photographer Janita Autio for creating them. Collaborating with others is the true future of fashion, you'll see that, I promise.

// Para algunas personas, Fashion Week es una de las semanas más importantes (si no es que la más importante) del año. De Nueva York a Milán, de París a Tokyo... Está llena de gente ocupada, momentos de fotografía, relaciones, ropa, moda, estilo, flashes... Es una locura y, puedo decir esto ahora que lo he vivido, es increíble. Por muchísimo tiempo, estuve planeando mi regreso a Tokyo y cuando por fin tuve todo lo que necesitaba, descubrí que Fashion Week Tokyo estaría sucediendo durante mi estancia allá. No me lo podía perder.

Cuando eres blogger, el propósito de ir a Fashion Week es complicado. No soy comprador para una tienda departamental, no soy editor y, definitivamente, no puedo costear las piezas que estoy viendo en la pasarela. Entonces, ¿cuál es el verdadero propósito de un blogger en Fashion Week? Entretenimiento y relaciones, por supuesto. Terminas conociendo muchísima gente, platicando, armando colaboraciones. Te juntas con fotógrafos, modelos, diseñadores, editores, bloggers. Conoces a todo mundo.

Hasta ahora, puedo decir que Fashion Week Tokyo ha sido increíblemente divertido y me ha dado la oportunidad de conocer nuevas personas y hacer nuevos amigos en Japón. Vine aquí sin saber qué esperar, sólo con una maleta llena de ropa de H&M para usar, y terminé teniendo oportunidades padrísimas. Es algo que me encantaría hacer otra vez. Estas fotos capturan algo de eso y quiero agradecerle a Janita Autio, una fotógrafa finlandesa muy talentosa, por crearlas. Colaborar con los demás es el verdadero futuro de la moda, ya lo verán, se los prometo.
one for the city tokyo fashion week collab with HM 6 one for the city tokyo fashion week collab with HM 5 one for the city tokyo fashion week collab with HM 3 one for the city tokyo fashion week collab with HM 2 Love always,

Photographer: Janita, from Janita Autio.

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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Spirits Of The Past (in collaboration with H&M)

Spirits of the past collaboration with HM
Spirits of the past collaboration with HM 3 I'm wearing:

1. Cotton shirt jacket in black, Modern Essentials by David Beckham for H&M.
2. Beige t-shirt with white paint circle,  from H&M Studio SS16.
3. Cotton chinos, from H&M.
4. 'Eddie' leather sneakers in white, from Frank Wright.
5. Sunglasses, from Aldo.

Spirits of the past collaboration with HM 6 Ideas of present, past and future are always plaguing our minds. Most of the times, we hear things about "not worrying about the past or the future and focusing on the present" and while I think that's an actually okay way of living, I feel like the past sometimes gets lost in a grey area. I arrived to Japan recently and one thing I've always loved about this country is how they manage to include a little of the past into their daily lives. 

Walking around Tokyo, you start seeing really cool and modern things: vending machines everywhere, skyscrapers, neon lights. It's a very futuristic city, except when it isn't. Let me explain this a bit better: around all the crazy awesome super futuristic stuff, the remains of an old civilisation live. To get to Harajuku, you need to cross a shrine; to get to Tokyo Tower, you first need to go around a temple. To get to the future, you need to acknowledge the spirits of the past.

With that in mind, I chose this location for the first batch of photos I took in Japan. It's called Aoyama Cemetery and I wanted to shoot there because I felt such a strong old vibe coming from this place, it instantly captivated me. Not only was beautiful, it also had many stories there. I felt a strong sense of respect and nostalgia here. By the time I finish snapping photos, I thanked all the spirits of the past for allowing me to be there and went on my way to the modern world.

// Ideas del presente, pasado y futuro siempre están en nuestras mentes. La mayor parte del tiempo escuchamos cosas sobre "no preocuparse por el pasado o el futuro y concentrarse en el presente" y, si bien creo que es una buena forma de vivir, siento que el pasado a veces se pierde en la niebla. Llegué recientemente a Japón y una cosa que siempre he amado de este país es cómo logran incluir un poquito del pasado en sus vidas diarias. 

Caminando por Tokyo, comienzas a ver cosas muy padres y modernas: máquinas expendedoras por todos lados, rascacielos, luces de neón. Es una ciudad muy futurista, excepto cuando no lo es. Déjenme explicar esto un poco mejor: alrededor de todas las cosas increíbles del futuro, viven los restos de una civilización antigua. Para llegar a Harajuku, hay que cruzar un santuario; para llegar a la Torre de Tokyo, primero hay que caminar alrededor de un templo. Para llegar al futuro, hay que reconocer a los espíritus del pasado. 

Con eso en mente, elegí esta locación para la primera ronda de fotos que tomé en Japón. Se llama Aoyama Cemetery y quise tomar fotos ahí porque sentí una vibra vieja pero muy fuerte salir de este lugar, me cautivó al instante. No sólo estaba muy bonito, también había muchas historias ahí. Sentí un gran respeto y nostalgia aquí. Al momento de terminar las fotos, di las gracias a todos los espíritus del pasado por permitirme estar ahí y seguí en mi camino hacia el mundo moderno.
Spirits of the past collaboration with HM 7 Spirits of the past collaboration with 2 MQ Spirits of the past collaboration with HM 5 Spirits of the past collaboration with HM 4 Stay tuned for more posts in Japan!
Love always,

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