Monday, March 21, 2016

Taking A Stand (in collaboration with H&M for Tokyo Fashion Week)

Taking a Stand Collaboration with HM for Tokyo Fashion Week
Taking a Stand Collaboration with HM for Tokyo Fashion Week 5 I'm wearing:

1. Scuba backback, David Beckham Bodywear for H&M.
2. Leather biker jacket in black, from H&M.
3. Longline t-shirt in grey, from H&M.
4. Chinos in black, also from H&M.
5. Superstar sneakers in black, white and gold, from Adidas.
6. Septum ring, from H&M.
7. Oversized clubmasters, from Ray Ban.
8. Rings and bracelets, from H&M.

Taking a Stand Collaboration with HM for Tokyo Fashion Week 6 Taking a Stand Collaboration with HM for Tokyo Fashion Week 2 I've noticed, throughout Fashion Week (not only in Tokyo, but in other parts of the world too), that during this particular week people try really hard to stand out. With a million photographers attending the shows and many of them capturing the street style, it's a week when getting your photo taken by a professional becomes a top priority for some of the attendees.

I'm not going to lie, of course it feels nice when a photographer asks if it's okay to take your photo for a website or magazine, it's very flattering; but, also, it is at those moments when you realize what kind of people is attending Fashion Week. I classify them in three different characters: the first is the ridiculous, over the top person who dresses up, only for this occasion, in very extravagant outfits, someone who tries way too hard; the second type is the "I couldn't care less" kind of person who, while apparently trying to not care, actually wants their photo taken... And the third kind, probably my favourite: the ones who dress up for the occasion but still keep their essence intact.

I like to think that I fit right into the final category. During Fashion Week I tried to take a stand by staying true to my essence but I spiced it up a bit by adding accessories like cool backpacks or septum rings. And in a world of trying-too-hards, simplicity is highly appreciated, trust me, I still got my photo taken many times. So yeah, people in Fashion Week take a stand and choose in which category they want to belong and that, my friends, is quite fun to watch. It's a big part of the entertainment in between shows.

// Me he dado cuenta, gracias a Fashion Week (no sólo en Tokyo, pero en otras partes del mundo también), que durante esta semana en particular, la gente se esmera por sobresalir. Con un millón de fotógrafos asistiendo a los desfiles y muchos de ellos capturando el street style, es una semana donde que te tomen una foto los profesionales se convierte en una prioridad máxima para algunos de los que asisten.

No les voy a mentir, claro que se siente bonito cuando un fotógrafo te pregunta si puede tomar tu foto para una revista o página web, es muy halagador; pero, también, es en esos momentos donde te das cuenta qué tipo de personas están yendo a Fashion Week. Yo los clasifico en tres personajes diferentes: el primero es el ridículo y exagerado que se viste, sólo por esta ocasión, en atuendo muy extravagantes, alguien que trata de más; el segundo tipo son los "no me importa cómo me veo" que, en su intento de no dar importancia, realmente quieren que les tomen fotos... Y el tercer tipo, probablemente mi favorito: aquéllos que se visten acorde a la ocasión pero mantienen su esencia intacta.

Me gusta pensar que yo encajo en la última categoría. Durante Fashion Week traté de tomar esta postura al mantenerme fiel a mi esencia pero le di un toque más padre agregando accesorios, como mochilas buena onda y aretes de septum. Y, en un mundo de gente que se pasó de ridícula, la simplicidad es realmente apreciada, créanme, aún así me tomaron muchas fotos. Así que sí, la gente en Fashion Week toma una postura y elige en qué categoría quiere pertenecer y eso, mis amigos, es muy divertido de ver. Es una gran parte del entretenimiento entre cada desfile.
Taking a Stand Collaboration with HM for Tokyo Fashion Week 4 Taking a Stand Collaboration with HM for Tokyo Fashion Week 3 Taking a Stand Collaboration with HM for Tokyo Fashion Week 7 Love always,

Photographer: Jeera Mona.

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