Who am I?

Hello there best friend! 

I'm Henry 'Hen' Evia. I'm a writer (as of now, I'm working on a series of novels), a tea lover (especially darjeeling), a singer, actor, photographer, YouTuber... All that. I live in Mexico City but I spend a few months per year in the US. This blog's mission is to show that fashion, style, skincare and beauty products have nothing to do with genders or sexuality, it's all about being comfortable in your own skin. Like, say, it's okay to have a girlfriend and rock pink hair at the same time, lol!

Nowadays, this blog has become a much more personal space, like a diary of sorts. That doesn't mean it's not a fashion or lifestyle blog anymore, it very much is; let's just say that there are lots of thoughts that come through my mind and this is the perfect outlet for them. It's a record of my life that I keep hoping it might be useful for others, I do it for you best friend as much as I do it for me!

I became invested in fashion during high school. Before that, I didn't have a lot of money and my clothes were, mostly, second-handed and not in the cool second-handed way. When I was around sixteen, I got a scholarship which was used, almost entirely, for buying clothes and that's how my love for garments started. My story with skincare involves having bad skin as a teenager and no money for professional treatments. I discovered my way through that wonderful world, winning and messing up, and now I preach that skincare is extremely important in developing your self-esteem and feeling great and confident.

I consider myself as shy, marching-to-the-beat-of-my-own-drum, loner, kind of guy: a wallflower, but still fun, tho! Sometimes I get strange ideas that work perfectly on my head but no one else understands and, because of that, don't approve... Sometimes I get it right and it's magic, haha. I share all of those ideas here on the blog, on Instagram, TikTok and on my YouTube channel.

I see myself being someone big, I don't know what, where or when, but I like to think that I'll make something huge, that I'll be able to make a difference. As of 2021, I'm an advertising grad and moody-but fun-vampire.

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