Friday, July 31, 2015

Neo Blue Breathing

Life is a collection of memories, a gathering of sunsets, moons and clouds. Every day could be the very last but it's also a first (in the sense that you'll never be the same person you were yesterday because you can only be the one you are today). We start breathing when we're born, we cry, we scream, we laugh. After a while, we breath a little every day, we get on with our lives and do our best to move forward.

The feeling of being stuck hit me when I was in Folsom, California, a couple days ago. People there get up and sleep early, they go to school or to their jobs, come back, have dinner, maybe a scotch or two, and then their days end. It's such an easy way of living, nothing that I've experienced before but, for some reason, it made me feel stuck in my old life. I realized I want simple things like that, I want to be able to come home to a wife and kids, sit down and have a scotch or two. People living a simple life might look like they're stuck, but are they really? Aren't we all looking for new air? A new way of breathing?

This is a small collection of sunsets I captured in Folsom. Hope you guys enjoy it.

Life in Folsom 6 Life in Folsom 1 Life in Folsom 4 Life in Folsom 5 Life in Folsom 3
Love always, 

Thursday, July 30, 2015

YouTube Monthly Recap: June-July

Hey guys! Again, I don't know if you're aware of this but I've launched a YouTube channel and it's been something really fun to do. Creating video content is way different than what I usually do here but I'm always up for a challenge. Here's a recap of the past two months (because I was a fool and forgot to do a post like this for June)!

Hope you guys like this and, if you do, come on board and subscribe to my channel, that would mean the world to me!

// ¡Hey amigos! No sé si saben pero lancé un canal de YouTube y ha sido algo muy divertido. Crear contenido audiovisual es muy diferente a lo que hago usualmente aquí pero siempre estoy dispuesto a un desafío. ¡Aquí hay una recapitulación de los últimos dos meses (porque fui un loco y olvidé hacer un post así en junio)!

Espero que les guste esto y, si es así, se sumen al proyecto y se subscriban a mi canal, ¡significaría muchísimo para mí!
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Tuesday, July 28, 2015


I think I spent way too much time of my life thinking and planning ahead of things that didn't even happen, you know? It's a matter of personality; I don't like surprises, I like structures and it's hard for me to adapt to things I didn't plan originally. That has given me great advantages in life but also has tempered some of my efforts too. I wish I was more spontaneous, a bit more reckless at times.

Adventure is out there, waiting for people to live it; life's about being able to take chances and risks without being afraid; it's about being brave but it's also about being in control and making the most out every possible scenario. Being free doesn't make you a careless person, being free allows you to take charge of situations and transform then into whatever you want them to be. I'm choosing to be free and that's one of the best decisions I've ever made.

// Creo que paso mucho tiempo de mi vida pensando y sobreplaneando cosas que, muchas veces, ni siquiera suceden, ¿saben? Es cuestión de personalidad; no me gustan las sorpresas, me gustan las estructuras y es difícil para mí adaptarme a cosas que no planeé originalmente. Eso me ha dado grandes ventajas en la vida pero también ha afectado ciertos esfuerzos que he hecho. Desearía ser más espontáneo, más desinhibido a veces.

Las aventuras están allá afuera, esperando a que la gente la viva; la vida se trata de tomar oportunidades y riesgos sin tener miedo; se trata de ser valiente pero también de mantener el control y sacarle provecho a todos los escenarios. Ser libre no significa que no te importan las cosas, ser libre te permite estar a cargo de las situaciones y transformarlas en lo que sea que quieras que sea. Estoy eligiendo ser libre y es una de las mejores cosas que he planeado.
Love always,

Sunday, July 26, 2015

A Sight You've Never Seen Before

A sight you've never seen before
A sight you've never seen before 7 I'm wearing:

1. Knit sweater in gray, from Forever 21.
2. Super skinny jeans in gray/black acid wash, from Pull & Bear.
3. Suede creeper sneakers in gray, from Kr3w.
4. Mirrored panda necklace, from TitiMadam.
5. Oversized clubmasters, from Ray Ban.
6. Rings, from H&M.
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Clubmaster sunglasses, from Ray Ban / Birdseye sweater, from Carhartt WIP / Skinny jeans, from Ksubi / Blucher shoes, from Vince.
A sight you've never seen before 5 Hey friends! Another big part of my free philosophy for living is always aiming to find a sight I've never seen before. It consists on keeping things exciting, new and fresh. In the end, I guess life is all about finding what we like and what makes us feel alive; those sights are something very special, because they drive us to accomplish goals, to fight for something.

All in all, this month's theme ended up being more personal than I originally planned. My life right now is an eternal quest for freedom, for sights I've never seen before, for the future. I decided to care less about certain things and that, in a way, made me realize that I do have to care about several other things. It's funny how you may think choosing a certain path will lead you to a fixed goal but I'm starting to see that life doesn't always work like that and it's up to you to have the freedom to take on the challenges or change the direction you're looking at.

I've focused on love and regret; on conquering fears; understanding that some things have to end; celebrating who we are and; aiming for the future. It's all because I'm finding myself in desperate need of something, of a sight I've never seen before, maybe. Life goes on and our circumstances change but, I'm honestly starting to feel free and I'm not that scared of what's to come anymore. I'm ready to see something new.

// ¡Hey amigos! Otra gran parte de mi filosofía free para vivir es siempre apuntar a encontrar una vista que no haya mirado antes. Consiste en mantener las cosas emocionantes, nuevas y frescas. Al final, supongo que la vida se trata de encontrar las cosas que nos gustan y lo que nos hace sentir vivos; esas visiones son algo muy especial, porque nos llevan a cumplir metas, a luchar por algo.

Con todo lo que he escrito, el tema de este mes terminó siendo más personal de lo que planeé originalmente. Justo ahora, mi vida es una lucha eterna por libertad, por vistas que no he mirado antes, por el futuro. Decidí preocuparme menos por ciertas cosas y eso, en cierta forma, me hizo dar cuenta que me tengo que preocupar por muchas otras. Es chistoso cómo puedes pensar que elegir cierto camino te llevará a una meta fija pero estoy comenzando a ver que la vida no siempre funciona así y está en nosotros tener la libertad de afrontar desafíos o cambiar la dirección a la que apuntamos.

Me he concentrado en amor y arrepentimiento; en conquistar miedos; entender que algunas cosas tienen que terminar; celebrar lo que somos y; apuntar hacia el futuro. Todo esto porque me encuentro desesperado por algo, por una vista que no haya mirado antes, tal vez. La vida avanza y nuestras circunstancias cambian, pero, estoy comenzando a sentirme libre y ya no tan asustado de lo que viene. Estoy listo para ver algo nuevo.
A sight you've never seen before 6 A sight you've never seen before 2 A sight you've never seen before 3 A sight you've never seen before 4 Love always,

Photographer: Bobby Raffin.

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Friday, July 24, 2015

Siclo: Next Level Indoor Cycling

Siclo Mexico
Siclo Mexico 6 Siclo Mexico 3 I've been wanting to write this post for several days but I was waiting for the right time (and that's today). I don't say this enough but I'm really into fitness and working out, it's something that I really enjoy and; a few weeks ago I was invited to this really cool breakfast-showcase of something called Siclo. Siclo is a fitness concept that involves music, choreographic movements and indoor cycling. Basically, you do amazing things while riding an indoor bicycle, sweat like crazy, work out a lot and have the time of your life. Really.

The reason I didn't do this post right away (because I honestly fell in love with everything about Siclo) was that I needed to try it myself. Today was my second class (my instructor is Ana Lu, the girl with the curly hair on the front row, and she's amazing), and I can't get enough. If you're following me on Snapchat (@HenEvia), you'll know what I'm talking about. I get this rush of good energy and I stay pumped for the rest of the day. The class is 45 minutes long and that doesn't sound like a lot of time but, trust me, it's more than enough (I don't know if I would be able to handle more).

Involving music and exercise, every class I had at Siclo is not just fun but it's effective. It's a great way of working out and perfect if you don't love machine-gyms that much. I'm going once per week (mixing it up with my regular gym) and it's one of the highlights of my life now, haha. It is that good. There's only one branch at the moment but they'll expand real soon, I know it. If you're in Mexico City, you can also use my code (pictured below) to get a discount on your first class. You're going to love it. I'll do some follow-ups in the future, I'll keep sharing my experience with Siclo (top-notch so far!). Check their website for cool photos and videos to give you a better idea of what Siclo is all about!

// He querido escribir este post por varios días pero estaba esperando el momento adecuado (y ése es hoy). No digo esto lo suficiente pero me gusta mucho hacer ejercicio y lo relacionado a fitness, es algo que disfruto mucho y; hace un par de semanas me invitaron a este desayuno-presentación buena onda de algo llamado Siclo. Siclo es una idea de ejercicio/fitness que involucra música, movimientos coreográficos y ciclismo en interior. Básicamente, haces cosas increíbles sobre una bicicleta fija, sudas como loco, ejercitas mucho y te diviertes muchísimo. En serio.

La razón por la que no hice este post de inmediato (porque honestamente me enamoré de todo sobre Siclo) fue que necesitaba experimentarlo yo mismo. Hoy fue mi segunda clase (mi instructora es Ana Lu, la chavita con el cabello rizado en la primera fila, y es lo máximo), y no puedo tener suficiente. Si me siguen en Snapchat (@HenEvia), sabrán de lo que hablo. Me da esta alta de buena energía y me quedo de buen humor por el resto del día. La clase dura 45 minutos y eso no suena como mucho tiempo pero, créanme, es más que suficiente (no sé si podría aguantar más).

Involucrando música y ejercicio, cada clase que he tenido en Siclo no sólo es divertida, es eficiente. Es una gran forma de hacer ejercicio y perfecta si no aman los gimnasios de máquinas. Yo estoy yendo una vez por semana (mezclando con mi gimnasio regular) y es una de las cosas buenas en mi vida ahora, jaja. Es así de bueno. Sólo tienen una sucursal en Santa Fe por el momento pero estoy seguro que se van a expandir muy pronto. Si están en la Ciudad de México, pueden usar mi código (mostrado más abajo) para conseguir un descuento en su primera clase. Van a amar esto. Le daré seguimiento a esto en el futuro, continuaré compartiendo mi experiencia con Siclo (increíble hasta ahora). ¡Vayan a su sitio web para ver fotos y videos padres que les darán una mejor idea sobre lo que se trata Siclo!
Siclo Mexico 4 Siclo Mexico 5 Siclo Mexico 2 Siclo Mexico Descuento Love always,

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Future Fish

Future Fish
Future Fish 6 I'm wearing:

1. Longline mesh sweater in black, form Asos.
2. Longline sleeveless t-shirt in white, from C&A.
3. Extreme super skinny jeans in indigo, from Asos.
4. Leather lace-up boots in black, also from Asos.
5. Rings, from H&M.
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Elliot lace boots, from Rag & BoneWaffle knit sweater, from Kenzo / Tank top, from Burkman Bros. / Skinny jeans from J Brand
Future Fish 3 Hey guys, I think I said this before recently but my life is going through a lot of changes these days. I'm still learning to cope with the process and all the new things happening but I'm getting the hang of it, I'm starting to think that I'll be fine, no matter what happens. Said changes come in the form of responsibility, my housing situation suddenly transformed and now I'm in charge of everything and that's overwhelming. I'm getting busier and busier and, I don't know, I'm starting to feel like a grown-up, which sucks.

But all these new situations that I'm facing have made me think a lot about the future and the paths I'm choosing for myself. I want to move to Melbourne next year (to get my Master's degree over there) and that leaves me with the rest of the year and half of the next one to accomplish as many things as possible, to regain the ability of living alone... Sure, I wasn't expecting any of the things that are happening to me, everything was pretty rushed, but one of my friends told me that maybe this is for the better and it's just accelerating something that needed to happen.

I don't know what the future holds for me, I've never been good predicting that. I like plans and structures but, sometimes, those change and I'm left with new seas of possibilities. Thinking ahead is necessary and being free to choose what I want is what's driving me forward, what's keeping me motivated. I'm a free fish, swimming towards my own future.

// Hey todos, creo que dije esto hace poco: mi vida está pasando por muchos cambios en estos días. Aún estoy aprendiendo a lidiar con ese proceso y todas las cosas nuevas sucediendo pero ya le estoy agarrando la onda, comienzo a pensar que voy a estar bien, no importa lo que suceda. Dichos cambios vienen en forma de responsabilidades, mi situación de casa se transformó de la nada y ahora estoy a cargo de todo y es abrumador. Me estoy ocupando más y más y, no sé, comienzo a sentirme como un adulto, es terrible.

Pero todas estas nuevas situaciones a las que me enfrento me han hecho pensar mucho en el futuro y los caminos que estoy escogiendo para mí. Me quiero mudar a Melbourne el siguiente año (para hacer mi Maestría allá) y eso me deja con lo que queda de este año y la mitad del siguiente para cumplir tantas cosas como sea posible, para recuperar la habilidad de vivir solo... Claro, no esperaba nada de las cosas que me están pasando, todo ha sido muy apresurado, pero una de mis amigas me dijo que quizá todo esto me hará bien y que sólo está acelerando algo que necesitaba suceder.

No sé lo que el futuro tenga para mí, nunca he sido bueno prediciendo eso. Me gustan los planes y las estructuras pero, a veces, esos cambian y me quedo con nuevos mares de posibilidades. Pensar a futuro es necesario y ser libre para elegir lo que quiero es lo que me está sacando adelante, lo que me mantiene motivado. Soy un pez libre, nadando hacia mi propio futuro.
Future Fish 4Future Fish 7 Future Fish 5 Future Fish 2 Love always,

Photographer: Lilia Cortés.

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Thursday, July 16, 2015

H&M Autumn Winter 2015

H&M Autumn Winter 2015
H&M Autumn Winter 2015 2 H&M Autumn Winter 2015 4 Hey guys! Last week, I went to the H&M headquarters to get a glimpse of the items to come during autumn and winter. It was a really cool event, you know I love H&M, and the things they showed us were pretty rad. The color scheme includes lots of black, beige, gray, white and brown; it's really autumn-y, with its chunky sweaters, longline t-shirts, biker jackets and furry pieces.

One of the things I love most about H&M is their price range; I can always find things that are fair-priced and their sales are pretty awesome. Those were the times where I got a pair of jeans for 4 dollars or an amazing jacket for 10 dollars. The fall collection looks really cool and it's very me, haha, neutral colors and details in the fabric. The fluffy coat (pictured above) and the chunky sweaters (pictured below) were my favorite things.

During the event, the Studio Collection for this fall was also previewed but, since it's only womenswear, I chose to not feature it here. I mean, let's give menswear the spotlight it deserves, right? Oh, and let us not forget about the food, I love to go to events where they have several types of cheese, fruits and bread. Everything was really good! Stay tuned because I'll also be doing a special report on fall items on my YouTube channel real soon!

// ¡Hey amigos! La semana pasada fui a los cuarteles generales de H&M para tener un preview de las cosas que irán a tienda en otoño e invierno. Fue un evento muy buena onda, ya saben que amo H&M, y las cosas que nos mostraron están bien padres. La gama de colores incluye mucho negro, beige, blanco, gris y café; es muy otoñal con sus sweaters anchos, playeras largas, chamarras motociclistas y piezas afelpadas.

Una de las cosas que más amo de H&M es el rango de precios; siempre puedo encontrar cosas con un precio justo y sus rebajas con lo máximo. Ésas son las ocasiones donde consigo jeans por 4 dólares o una chamarra increíble por 10 dólares. La colección de otoño se vie bien padre y es muy yo, jaja, colores neutrales y detalles en las telas. El abrigo afelpado (visto arriba) y los sweaters anchos (vistos abajo) fueron mis cosas favoritas.

Durante este evento, también se presentó la Studio Collection pero, como es todo de mujer, elegí no mostrarla aquí. Digo, hay que darle a la ropa de hombre el lugar central en el escenario, se lo merece ¿no? Oh, y no olvidemos la comida, amo ir a eventos donde tienen muchos tipos de queso, frutas y pan. ¡Todo estuvo muy bueno! ¡Mántenganse en sintonía porque pronto haré un especial de cosas de otoño en mi canal de YouTube!
H&M Autumn Winter 2015 3 H&M Autumn Winter 2015 6 H&M Autumn Winter 2015 5 H&M Autumn Winter 2015 7 Love always,

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Here's To Us

Here's to us
Here's to us 5
I'm wearing:

1. Wide brim hat in black, from H&M.
2. Plaid shirt, from H&M.
3. Super skinny jeans in black, also from H&M.
4. Hi top sneakers in white, blue and red, from Adidas.
5. Sunglasses, from Free People.
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5 Panel cap from Herschel Supply Co. // Mini spread collar check shirt from DSQUARED2 // Slim jeans from APC // Leather hi top sneakers from Wings + Horns
Here's to us 3 Here's to us, 
to being crazy, stupid and in love;
to cry and hug and say goodbye;
to us, for being human.

Here's to being the underdog,
to crafting our own futures, 
to getting and giving inspiration;
to swimming freestyle in a sea of chaos.

Here's to taking naps in suits and summer dresses, 
to drinking tea and cuddling,
to have a cry room and give it good use;
here's to us, champs in disguise.

Here's to doing our thing, 
to having hope for tomorrow, 
to craving and fighting for our freedom.
Here's to us.

Here's to us 4 Here's to us 2 Here's to us 6 Here's to us 7 I felt a bit inspired and wrote this sort of manifesto. Here's to us.
Love always,

Photographer: Laura G.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Book Club #14: Naomi and Ely's No Kiss List

Hello there, best friends! By now you should know that I'm doing an online book club, right here on the blog. While it's not tightly related to fashion, reading is one of my favorite activities and I do think people within the fashion industry (and everyone else too, really) need to read things other than magazines. I saw Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist a few years ago and really liked it. I'm excited for the upcoming release of Naomi and Ely's No Kiss List and that's why I decided to read the book beforehand. That's right, Book Club #14 is Naomi and Ely's No Kiss List, by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan.

// ¡Hola mejores amigos! A estas alturas ya deberían saber que hago un club de lectura online, justo aquí en el blog. Aún cuando no está súper relacionado con moda, leer es una de mis actividades favoritas y creo que la gente dentro de la industria de la moda (toda la gente, en general) necesita leer otras cosas además de revistas. Vi Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist hace un par de años y me gustó mucho. Estoy emocionado por el próximo lanzamiento de Naomi and Ely's No Kiss List y por eso decidí leer el libro desde antes. Así es, el Book Club #14 es Naomi and Ely's No Kiss List, de Rachel Cohn y David Levithan.
Best friends are forever, aren't they? Friendships can be as complicated as romantic relationships. There's not a big difference between those two, actually, if you come to think about it, the only thing that's really different is the amount of physical contact between those involved. The strong feelings are there, the need to see the other person too, a certain trust and unspoken agreements become a thing and, before you know it, you're allowing another person into your life, like, really into your life.

Naomi and Ely are best friends and they love each other. Naomi loves Ely and wants to be with him forever. Ely loves Naomi but he also loves to be with boys. That's the central plot point. Both are damaged in their own particular way and that's why they rely on each other. Naomi has a whole plan for both of them: marriage, kids, the whole thing. Ely thinks she jokes and she lies about her feelings for him. She's in love with a fantasy, with a dream. One horrible, very bad, day, the bond between the two becomes severed and a silent war begins its course.

Through several points of view (from different characters), Naomi and Ely, and their holy friendship, are laid upon the reader, proving that being friends can be even more challenging than being lovers. I've never read something like this, it was refreshingly honest. I think we've all had a Naomi/Ely or seen people like that at some point in our lives, that friendship that you feel will last forever and, suddenly, becomes shattered. Naomi and Ely's No Kiss List is about mending broken bridges, learning to share feelings and, ultimately, friendship and all it's complications. I was very pleased with this book because it connected with me in many ways, it taught me important lessons and, maybe, it can teach you guys a thing or two, if you read carefully.

// Mejores amigos para toda la vida, ¿no? Las amistades pueden ser tan complicadas como las relaciones románticas. Tampoco es como que sean tan diferentes, pensado a profundidad, la única cosa que realmente es distinta es la cantidad de contacto físico entre aquéllos involucrados. Los sentimientos fuertes están ahí, la necesidad de ver a la otra persona también, cierta confianza y contratos no hablados se convierten en realidad y, antes de que te des cuenta, estás dejando que otra persona entre a tu vida, realmente entrando a tu vida. 

Naomi y Ely son mejores amigos y se aman entre sí. Naomi ama a Ely y quiere estar con él por siempre. Ely ama a Naomi pero también ama estar con niños. Eso es el argumento centrar del libro. Ambos están dañados en su propia forma y es por eso que dependen uno del otro. Naomi tiene todo planeado para ambos: casarse, niños, toda la cosa. Ely piensa que ella bromea y eso hace que ella mienta sobre sus sentimientos por él. Ella está enamorada de una fantasía, de un sueño. Entonces, un día horrible, terrible, el vínculo entre los dos se ve afectado y una guerra silenciosa comienza su curso.

A través de varios puntos de vista (de distintos personajes), Naomi y Ely, y su amistad sagrada, son expuestos ante el lector, probando que ser amigos puede ser incluso más desafiante que ser novios. Nunca había leído algo como esto, fue refrescantemente honesto. Creo que todos hemos tenido una Naomi o un Ely o hemos visto a gente así en algún punto de la vida, esa amistad que sientes durará por siempre y, de la nada, se ve en ruptura. Naomi & Ely's No Kiss List se trata de reparar puentes rotos, aprender a compartir sentimientos y, al final del día, amistad y todas sus complicaciones. Estuve muy satisfecho con este libro porque conectó conmigo en muchas formas, me enseñó lecciones importantes y, quizá, les pueda enseñar a ustedes una cosa o dos, si leen con cuidado.
You can get Naomi and Ely's No Kiss List, along with more titles from Rachel Cohn and David Levithan, with free worldwide delivery at

Would you read this novel or are you gonna wait for the movie? Let me know!
Love always,

Thursday, July 9, 2015

The Beauty of the End

The Beauty of The End
The Beauty of The End 3 I'm wearing:

1. Fedora in gray, from Zara.
2. Color block tank top in yellow and gray, from H&M.
3. Leather pants in black, from Pull & Bear.
4. Suede desert boots in gray, also from Pull & Bear.
5. Bracelets, from Asos, Pull & Bear, Codes Combine and H&M.
The Beauty of The End 5
Hey there! In many ways, being free could also mean letting go of all your anchors. This is a practice I've been doing lately and, although sad and heart-breaking, it could be very liberating. Let me talk you through this a bit: I've been in love, unrequited love, and that was tiresome. You have no idea how much I've suffered because of that (or maybe you do, but I truly hope you've never felt like that before). 

It came to me that I was in love with the idea of being love, with the hope of a fantasy coming true. I used to think that my soulmate would realize that I was there, the whole time; I was hoping that things would work just like in romantic comedies, you know? Where the underdog becomes leading man and the girl realizes he was there all along and they live happily ever after. That rarely happens  in real life and, certainly, hasn't happened to me. 

Now, I'm choosing free as my way of life. And with that choice, the idea of shutting doors and paths appears too. I had to let go of the fantasy that I was in love with, understanding that the people in those dreams were not worthy of my affection. It hurts, certainly, and it hurts a lot but, everyday, I feel a little better, I feel like I'm not drowning and that's amazing. That, my friends, is the beauty of the end and it gives you the freedom to hope for a brighter tomorrow.

// ¡Hola! En muchas formas, ser libre puede significar también soltarse de las anclas. Esto es algo que he estado haciendo últimamente y, aunque es triste y me rompe el corazón, puede ser muy liberador. Déjenme hablar un poco al respecto: he estado enamorado, sin ser correspondido, y eso cansa mucho. No tienen idea de cuánto he sufrido por eso (o tal vez lo sepan, pero en serio espero que nunca se hayan tenido que sentir así antes).

Me di cuenta que estaba enamorado con la idea de estar enamorado, con las esperanza de una fantasía volviéndose realidad. Solía pensar que mi alma gemela se daría cuenta de que yo estuve ahí, todo el tiempo; esperaba que las cosas funcionarían como en las comedias románticas, ¿saben? Donde el personaje menos exitoso se convierte en el ganador y la principal se da cuenta de que él estuvo ahí para ella y viven felices por siempre. Eso casi nunca sucede en la vida real y, claramente, no me ha pasado a mí.

Ahora, elijo libre como mi estilo de vida. Y con esa decisión, la idea de cerrar puertas y ciclos aparece también. Tuve que dejar ir la fantasía de la que me enamoré, entendiendo que la gente en esos sueños no era digna de mi afecto. Duele, por supuesto, y duele mucho pero, cada día, me siento un poquito mejor, siento que ya no me estoy ahogando y eso es increíble. Eso, mis amigos, es la belleza de los finales y te da la oportunidad de esperar un mejor y más brillante futuro.
The Beauty of The End 2 The Beauty of The End 6 The Beauty of The End 4 The Beauty of The End 7
Love always,

Photographer: Danny G.