Tuesday, July 28, 2015


I think I spent way too much time of my life thinking and planning ahead of things that didn't even happen, you know? It's a matter of personality; I don't like surprises, I like structures and it's hard for me to adapt to things I didn't plan originally. That has given me great advantages in life but also has tempered some of my efforts too. I wish I was more spontaneous, a bit more reckless at times.

Adventure is out there, waiting for people to live it; life's about being able to take chances and risks without being afraid; it's about being brave but it's also about being in control and making the most out every possible scenario. Being free doesn't make you a careless person, being free allows you to take charge of situations and transform then into whatever you want them to be. I'm choosing to be free and that's one of the best decisions I've ever made.

// Creo que paso mucho tiempo de mi vida pensando y sobreplaneando cosas que, muchas veces, ni siquiera suceden, ¿saben? Es cuestión de personalidad; no me gustan las sorpresas, me gustan las estructuras y es difícil para mí adaptarme a cosas que no planeé originalmente. Eso me ha dado grandes ventajas en la vida pero también ha afectado ciertos esfuerzos que he hecho. Desearía ser más espontáneo, más desinhibido a veces.

Las aventuras están allá afuera, esperando a que la gente la viva; la vida se trata de tomar oportunidades y riesgos sin tener miedo; se trata de ser valiente pero también de mantener el control y sacarle provecho a todos los escenarios. Ser libre no significa que no te importan las cosas, ser libre te permite estar a cargo de las situaciones y transformarlas en lo que sea que quieras que sea. Estoy eligiendo ser libre y es una de las mejores cosas que he planeado.
Love always,


  1. A fantastic decision Henry. I love to be free and going on an adventure too!
    "Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all" - Hellen Keller

    Best, Albert | Palming Pebbles
    Palming Pebbles FB Page

    1. Wow, I love that quote! Thanks for stopping by (:

  2. My most favourite quotes from UP movie

    Lucky me I'm still in a short holiday
    I still have some free days yyay



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