Friday, July 31, 2015

Neo Blue Breathing

Life is a collection of memories, a gathering of sunsets, moons and clouds. Every day could be the very last but it's also a first (in the sense that you'll never be the same person you were yesterday because you can only be the one you are today). We start breathing when we're born, we cry, we scream, we laugh. After a while, we breath a little every day, we get on with our lives and do our best to move forward.

The feeling of being stuck hit me when I was in Folsom, California, a couple days ago. People there get up and sleep early, they go to school or to their jobs, come back, have dinner, maybe a scotch or two, and then their days end. It's such an easy way of living, nothing that I've experienced before but, for some reason, it made me feel stuck in my old life. I realized I want simple things like that, I want to be able to come home to a wife and kids, sit down and have a scotch or two. People living a simple life might look like they're stuck, but are they really? Aren't we all looking for new air? A new way of breathing?

This is a small collection of sunsets I captured in Folsom. Hope you guys enjoy it.

Life in Folsom 6 Life in Folsom 1 Life in Folsom 4 Life in Folsom 5 Life in Folsom 3
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