Monday, July 6, 2015

Flying above water

When I was around three, I loved the water. I had an amazing relationship with her; we were one and the same. There's something about water that makes you feel calm and hopeful, the sounds, the different shades of blue and green, everything seems to be in perfect harmony, balanced beyond anything. The water is free, untamable, it always has been, that's something on her favor.

But the water can be cruel too, if you're reckless, if you get distracted, it can swallow you up and take you away forever. That happened to me once; when I was three, I drowned and was dead for a bit; all I can remember is a cold atmosphere, everything was blue. For the first time in my life, I felt nothing, my head was clear and I was free. After that, I was pulled back into the surface and the relationship I had with water was forever stained.

// Cuando tenía tres años amaba al agua. Tenía una relación increíble con ella, éramos uno y el mismo. Hay algo sobre ella que te hace sentir tranquilo, esperanzado: los sonidos, las diferentes tonalidades de azul y verde, todo parece estar en perfecta armonía, balanceado más allá de cualquier cosa. El agua es libre, indomable, siempre lo ha sido, eso es algo a su favor.

Pero el agua puede ser cruel también, si eres desenfrenado, si te distraes, te puede devorar y llevarte lejos para siempre. Eso me pasó una vez; cuando tenía tres años, me ahogué y estuve muerto por un ratito; todo lo que recuerdo es una atmósfera fría, todo era azul. Por primera vez en mi vida, sentí nada, mi mente estaba clara y yo era libre. Tras eso, fui jalado hacia la superficie de nuevo y la relación que tenía con el agua quedó por siempre manchada.
Love always,


  1. water is one of the most powerful thing on earth and I just love it! hope my relationship will never end!
    great blog btw!

    1. Water is a force of nature, alright. Thanks for stopping by, man!

  2. Since very little I love to surround myself with water too. :)

    Best, Albert | Palming Pebbles


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