Saturday, June 14, 2014


I'm wearing:

1. Fringe blazer in black, from H&M Conscious Exclusive Collection.
2. Gold linen t-shirt, Maison Martin Margiela for H&M.
3. Super skinny jeans, also from H&M.
4. Gold sneakers, from Converse.
5. Hip flask necklace, from Pull & Bear.
6. Rings and spiked bracelet, from H&M.
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There's something about gold and black together that really appeals to my eye. It's such a fancy-fancy combo, so why don't make a whole outfit inspired by it? I paired a super cool fringe blazer from H&M's Conscious Exclusive collection with golden linen shirt from the Maison Martin Margiela collection (God, I really do love those H&M special lines); skinny jeans and the gold Converse I got from Japan who happen to be have black shoe laces.

It's amazing how even the accessories fit the theme perfectly: sunglasses with a golden trim, a hip flask necklace in gold and black, golden rings and golden bracelets. My lilac hair comes off nicely to bring a pop of color to the outfit; I'm really loving this hair, guys. The lilac washes off gradually to gray and it looks so cool.

I wore this to a fancy party with two of my best friends (a video of it will be shared soon on this blog) and also to have lunch with my friend Lu. Her dog made a cameo appearance and, well, I asked her to snap some photos of me and the dog. I'm really a dog-person, small dogs. They're really cool buddies.

// Hay algo en el negro y dorado juntos que se me hace súper padre. Es un combo tan fancy que sentí la necesidad de hacer todo un atuendo inspirado en eso. Combiné un saco con flecos increíble de la Conscious Exclusive collection que hizo H&M con una playera dorada de la colección de Maison Martin Margiela (¡Dios! En serio amo esas líneas especiales); jeans entubados y los Converse dorados que conseguí en Japón, que resultaron tener agujetas negras.

Es increíble como hasta los accesorios encajan perfectamente con el tema: lentes de sol con borde dorado, un collar de anforita en negro y dorado, anillos dorados y brazaletes dorados. Mi cabello lila viene a dar un buen toque de color al atuendo; en serio estoy amando este cabello, amiguines. El lila deslava gradualmente a gris y se ve muy buena onda.

Usé esto para una fiesta fancy que tuve con dos de mis mejores amigas (un video de eso vendrá pronto al blog) y también para comer almuerzo con mi amiga Lu. Su perrito hizo un cameo en la sesión y no pude evitar pedirle que me tomara fotos con él. Soy una persona de perros, pequeñitos. Son lo más.
Love always,

Photographer: Lu.

Currently WATCHING: Fifa World Cup 2014.


  1. Love the blazer!
    Your hair is simply stunning!
    love the whole outfit too!!!!

    Hope you enjoyed the World Cup!




  2. Such a great combo for the look, mate. Ur photos are very well-taken. The blazer's a killer and i love the way u mixed it with other garments using only 2 colours black and tan. I'm in love with ur converse, hope they still have them in this colour cause i'm so getting a pair :). And ur hair looks wonderful as well. Hope we can follow and support each other's blog cause urs is amazing.

    1. Thanks Lenny! You're such a nice guy! (; Hopefully you'll find something similar to my Converse, I got them at a thrift store in Tokyo. Good luck with that (;

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