Friday, May 19, 2017

Blood Sweat & Tears

blood sweat tears bts outfit
blood sweat tears bts outfit 4 I'm wearing: 

1. Slim fit blazer in black, from United Colors of Benetton. 
2. Simple shirt in grey, from H&M.
3. Super skinny jeans in black, from Dark Future.
4. Black and white wingtip shoes, from G.U. Japan.
5. Scarf worn as a choker, from Pull & Bear.
6. Rings, from H&M.
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Original grand wingtip oxfords, from Cole Haan // Wool crepe balance blazer, from Our Legacy // Banded collar shirt, from Vince // Brooks slim trousers, from J Brand.
blood sweat tears bts outfit 2 I'm a vampire. Not really, haha, but that's the vibe I've been going for lately. Paler, thinner, with more dark circles, I love that. All jokes aside, I would actually love being a vampire, you know? Never ageing, having some sort of supernatural abilities... Sure, drinking blood isn't the best thing ever but it's something I'd have to do to survive, so, bring it on. 

Since that is clearly not happening, I will conform with looking like a vampire. It's funny, I'm even considering ordering some Solotica lenses to go with the look. All these ideas were heightened by a music video from BTS, the song is "Blood Sweat & Tears" and it's an amazing one, seriously, one of the best things I've seen. Their whole aesthetic is pretty vampire-like, they're wearing contacts and chokers and, quite frankly, they look dope.

So, part of me wanting to change up my looks comes from the idea of hitting the refresh button that I've been discussing this past month. I think that, in some sense, transforming the way you look is refreshing your reality, people treat you differently, you see yourself with a different pair of eyes and all that gives you a new chance at life. The important thing here is that, if you want to change the way you look to feel better, go ahead and freaking do it. Please yourself and not anyone else.

// Soy un vampiro. No es cierto, jaja, pero esa es la vibra por la que he ido últimamente. Más pálido, flaco, con más ojeras, amo eso. Quitándonos de bromas, realmente me gustaría ser un vampiro, ¿saben? Nunca envejecer, tener algún tipo de habilidades supernaturales... Claro, beber sangre no es la mejor cosa del mundo peor si es algo que tendría que hacer para sobrevivir, pues va.

Ya que claramente eso no va a suceder, me conformo con verme como un vampiro. Es chistoso, incluso estoy considerando ordenar unos lentes de contacto Solotica que van bien con el look. Todas estas ideas fueron potencializadas por un video musical de BTS, la canción se llama "Blood Sweat & Tears" y está súper padre, en serio, una de las mejores cosas que he visto. Toda su estética es muy vampiresca, usan lentes de contacto y gargantillas y, honestamente, se ven súper bien.

Así que parte de mí queriendo cambiar mi aspecto viene de la idea de la que he hablado todo este mes sobre apretar el botón de actualizar. Creo que, en cierta forma, transformar la forma en que te ves es refrescar tu realidad, la gente te trata diferente, te ves con un par de ojos distinto y todo eso te da nuevas oportunidades en la vida. Lo importante aquí es que, si quieres cambiar la forma en que ves para sentirte mejor, ve adelante y hazlo, maldita sea. Complácete, a ti y no a alguien mas.
blood sweat tears bts outfit 5 blood sweat tears bts outfit 3 blood sweat tears bts outfit 6 Love always,

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