Friday, July 28, 2017

Don't Beg

Don't Beg
Don't Beg 3 I'm wearing: 

1. Slim fit blazer in black, from Benetton.
2. Basic t-shirt in lavender, from H&M.
3. Super skinny jeans in black, from Asos.
4. Leather lace up boots in black, from Frank Wright.
5. Black choker, from Light In The Box.
6. Rings, from H&M.
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Hamilton leather boots, from PS by Paul Smith // Unconstructed sport coat, from Vince // Mock twist short sleeve pocket tee, from Velva Sheen // Super slim denim jeans, from Club Monaco.
Don't Beg 5
Want a serious piece of advice? Don't beg. Stop forcing things, stop trying to make the wrong people like you. It's a rough awakening, you know? I was thinking about this (a lot) the other day when a friendly person started treating me coldly and being a bit rude towards me, it caught me off guard and I reacted by being extra nice but, guess what, that wasn't the best approach, it made things worse. I decided that if someone is being rude with me, I will step aside and leave them behind.

I'm done with begging for true friendships, that's not how life is supposed to work. If you meet someone and you get along, build on that relationship; if they end up treating you badly or making you uncomfortable, let them go, don't ask for their attention because they're not worth your time or efforts. The same thing goes for every emotional relationship out there: if it's meant to be, it'll happen, if not, go and find better things.

// ¿Quieren un gran consejo? No rueguen. Dejen de forzar las cosas, dejen de intentar agradarle a las personas equivocadas. Es un despertar difícil, ¿saben? Estaba pensando mucho en esto el otro día cuando una persona amigable comenzó a tratarme con frialdad y a ser grosera conmigo, me tomó por sorpresa y reaccioné siendo extra amable pero, adivinen qué, eso no fue el mejor acercamiento, empeoró las cosas. He decidido que si alguien es grosero conmigo, me retiraré y los dejaré atrás.

Estoy harto de rogar por amistades verdaderas, así no es como debería funcionar la vida. Si conoces a alguien y te cae bien, construye sobre eso; si terminan tratándote mal o haciéndote sentir incómodo, déjalos ir, no pidas su atención porque no vale la pena, no vale tu esfuerzo ni tu tiempo. Lo mismo va para toda relación emocional en el mundo: si está destinada a ser, sucederá, si no, vete y encuentra mejores cosas.
Don't Beg 4 Don't Beg 7 Don't Beg 2 Love always,

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