Thursday, July 12, 2012

1D Week. Day 3: Niall Horan

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Day 3: Niall Horan.

For a Niall Horan inspired look / outfit, I'm wearing:

1. Sweatshirt with patches, from Asos.
2. Blue jeans, from Zara. 
3. Space boots, from Adidas Originals.
4. Anchor necklace, from Asos.
The One Direction week has come to its middle point and the featured member is Niall Horan, the funny irish dude. His way of dressing is quite distinctive, I don't think there's a garment that pops more than others, it's more of a style, therefore I labeled his trademark as comfortable and simple. He wears lots of sweatshirts and cardigans, simple t-shirts, polos and, rarely, dress shirts. When it comes to shoes, he's usually in high top and boot sneakers.

I ordered my sweatshirt from Asos and while I was looking for inspirational photos, the one with him wearing that same sweatshirt appeared. I love it so much and had to include it here. It was really weird. Only then I realized that the One Direction guys shop a lot on, that wasn't the only familiar item I found. It's really cool because the clothes they wear are really affordable. For the look, I added my favourite pair of sneakers, the jeans I wore on the Louis Tomlinson look (without suspenders) and, although Niall rarely uses accessories, I gave it a little extra with the cool anchor necklace.

The main idea I wanted to point here is that you don't have to wear sweatpants and flip-flops for a comfortable look. It's really about being casual and cool with simple yet stylish pieces. 

// La semana One Direction va a la mitad y hoy el miembro a destacar es el irlandés buena onda Niall Horan. Su forma de vestir es distintiva, no creo que haya una prenda que destaque más que otras, más bien es como un estilo. Su marca es simple y cómoda. Usa muchas sudaderas, sweaters, playeras y polos simples y, rara vez, camisas formales. Con los zapatos, usualmente, la elección es tennis altos o de bota. 

Yo ordené mi sudadera de Asos y mientras buscaba fotos de inspiración encontré que él tiene la misma. Me encantó desde que la vi y tuve que añadir las dos fotos acá. Fue súper raro. Ahí me di cuenta de algo padre, los chavitos de One Direction compran mucho en (esa no fue la única prenda familiar que encontré). Me gusta eso porque las cosas que usan son costeables. Para el atuendo, añadí mis tennis favoritos, los jeans que usé para las fotos a-lá Louis Tomlinson (pero sin los tirantes) y, aunque Niall casi nunca usa accesorios, le di un toque extra con el collar buena onda de ancla. 

La idea principal que quería rescatar es que vestirse cómodo no significa usar pantas y chanclas. Hay formas más padres de ser casual con piezas que tengan mucha más onda. 
You'll never see me in sweatpants, I promise,

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  1. I really like that sweater! Especially the patch on the shoulder! No one has ever seen me in sweatpants before and no one ever will. They're probably the lowest form of comfort out there. Anyways, great look!


    1. I really, really hate sweatpants and don't care how comfortable they are! Ha! And thank you for your kind words, Weston (:


  2. I really enjoy these one direction post,great way to get female followers haha. I love how you created the look on yourself that's a great Idea. And your banner deserves 5 stars. Great Job
    XO Tatianna

    1. Thank you so much Tatianna! I only did it for the ladies (he) c; The banner was a handful but it's totally worth it! (:



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