Sunday, December 30, 2012

Stylish dudes: Matthias Cornilleau

For the last couple of months I've been interviewing some cool guys and sharing their thoughts here for a new sub-section within Stylish Dudes. Last month, the interviewee was the 16 year old, amazing, German blogger Leon David from Round Metal. This month, I interviewed Parisian (really sophisticated) blogger Matthias Cornilleau, from Styl(NOX)e to close the year on a high note.

// En los últimos meses he entrevistado a varios chavitos buena onda y compartido sus respuestas aquí para una nueva sub-sección de Stylish Dudes. El mes pasado, el entrevistado fue el blogger alemán, bien padre, Leon David de Round Metal. Este mes, la última entrevista del año fue con el súper sofisticado blogger parisino Matthias Cornilleau, de Styl(NOX)e

La entrevista no tiene traducción porque no me gustaría modificar las palabras de los entrevistados; así que deberán sacar su traductor interno una vez más. 

Tell me a little bit about yourself:

I'm Matthias Cornilleau and I'm studying communication in Sciences-Po (Paris). I prefer being outside spending time with my friends. I'm also fond of drawing & buying new clothes or accessories. Paris is very nice but I enjoy traveling since it's possible: I hate the idea of being fixed somewhere. 

Describe an average day of your life:

Wake up at 9am, a cup of tea, some classes before going to walk in Paris and have some coffee with my friends. And, if I've enough time & money, a little shopping in thrift or luxury stores. In the end, I like reading or listening to music with a glass of white wine in my place. 

What are you really passionate about?

Drawing and traveling. 

How do you feel about blogging?

Blogging is a good way to share an opinion without feeling the fashion professionals' pressure: you can express yourself (fashion, lifestyle, etc.) as you want to. 

When did you become invested in fashion, how was that process?

I fell in love with haute-couture when I was 14, I think. The I focused on men's fashion and vintage causes. 

Who would you consider a stylish dude from this time and why?

In my mind, the characters interpreted by Johnny Depp are always stylish... My favorite band is Archive and I like their black style. 

Your looks are always amazing and very editorial. How do you feel about wearing that kind of clothes? What's the fashion scene like for guys under 21 in Paris?

Sorry but I don't now... Maybe cause I don't take part of it hahaha. About my clothes, sometimes I say to myself: "maybe it's not appropriate to the streets!"

I really like the titles for your looks on social media, especially the Greek mythology references, why do you use them?

Thanks! I'm fond of mythology. To me, it's really close to fashion, or my inspiration at least (colors, legends...).

Where do you see yourself in five years? What will you be doing?

I would like to be in a plane to Tokyo, or just traveling all the time; meeting new people, discovering each culture. 

When you're feeling pressured or overwhelmed, what activity helps you re-find your center?

I plan a trip abroad, or go to the country to breath fresh air. 

What are some your favourite books, TV series, musicians and other artists?

As I've said, I'm a fan of Archive, I'm always listening to it. Series? Twin Peaks by David Lynch.

What would you say to someone seeking general fashion advice?

Be yourself, dare to wear what you want and don't care about trends.

Thank you Matthias! If you wanna know more about this incredible guy, be sure to catch him at his blog: Styl(NOX)e; like him on Facebook, follow him on Twitter and see his looks at and Chictopia

Happy New Year to everyone! Hen.

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