Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Stylish Dudes: Charlie Vandenburg

For the last couple of months I've been interviewing some cool guys and sharing their thoughts on life and fashion within the Stylish Dudes section. Last month, the interviewee was Moldovan badass blogger Mike Motsok (whose blog shares his name) from Mike Motsok. This month, I interviewed Charlie 'Charlieo' Vandenburg, a 60's soul without a blog trapped in modern UK. Enjoy.

// Durante los últimos meses, he entrevistado a chavitos buena onda y comparto sus ideas de la vida y moda en la sección de Stylish Dudes. El mes pasado, entrevisté al blogger rebelde Mike Motsok, de Moldova (cuyo blog comparte su nombre: Mike Motsok). Este mes, entrevisté a Charlie 'Charlieo' Vandenburg, un alma sesentera sin un blog, atrapado en la modernidad de Inglaterra. Disfruten.

**La entrevista está en su idioma original porque no me gustaría modificar las palabras de los involucrados. Así que, como ya es costumbre (espero), tendrán que sacar su traductor interno.

Tell me a little bit about yourself:

I'm Charlie from South Yorkshire. I went to Leeds University and now I live in Manchester. My age is not known.

Describe an average day of your life:

I get up, listen to some 60's music and decide what to wear. Sometimes I surf the internet, or go for a walk if I have time. 

What are you really passionate about?

I'm passionate about feelings and emotions and the arts in general (film, music, literature).
How do you feel about blogging?

I'm not that into it to be honest. I do LookBook but do not actually have a blog. I'd enjoy it but just would not have the time to do a lookbook, plus a blog and a Tumblr, etc.

When did you become invested in fashion, how was that process?

Erm... Not sure. As long as I can remember, I really cannot stand the times we live in, I feel alienated. I connect so much more with older cultures and vibes and so it is almost like escapism dressing like you are from a different time with vintage clothes. 

Who would you consider a stylish dude and why?

Erm... Anyone from the 60's or 50's, Andy Warhol, maybe? In terms of modern styles, I think the band 'The Drums' and 'The Horrors' are really cool. In terms of bloggers, I think Oscar Robertson is really cool and Violet El. 

Your looks are always amazing, they have a cool rock & roll vibe. What's the fashion/arts scene for guys under 21 in the UK?

I am not a part of it, as I am not under 21... But it is really not good. Guys have these awful mustaches, and beanie hats and wear Vans trainers. Just awful.
You have the coolest jumpers! Is there any particular story about them that you remember/treasure?

Ermmm... I just buy them over time from vintage shops or eBay... There is one with foxes on that people love.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? What will you be doing?

No idea... Hopefully this girl from Leamington Spa.
When you're feeling pressured or overwhelmed, what activity helps you re-find your center?

Ermmm... not sure. I tend just to go for a walk, or watch a random video on YouTube to take my mind off things. 

What are some of your favourite books, TV series, musicians and other artists?

Fav actors are Cary Grant, Grace Kelly, Gregory Peck, I am also a fan of Jack Kerouac and Sylvia Plath.

What would you say to someone seeking general fashion advice?

Ermmm, just do what coms naturally, if it feels right then wear it.

Thank you Charlie! If you want to know more about this amazing guy, be sure to see him on and give him a like on Facebook.


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