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Stylish Dudes: Julian Sebastian

For the last couple of months I've been interviewing some cool guys and sharing their thoughts on life and fashion within the Stylish Dudes section. Last month, the interviewee was French blogger, sports fanatic and photographer: Clément Lasserre. This month, I got the chance to interview one of my favourite guys from; meet the nostalgic, rocker and hat lover: Julian Sebastian.

// Durante los últimos meses, he entrevistado a chavitos buena onda y comparto sus ideas de la vida y moda en la sección de Stylish Dudes. El mes pasado, entrevisté al blogger francés, fan de los deportes y fotógrafo: Clément Lasserre. Este mes, tuve la oportunidad de entrevistar a uno de mis chavitos favoritos de; conozcan al nostálgico, rockero y amante de los sombreros: Julian Sebastian.

**La entrevista está en su idioma original porque no me gustaría modificar las palabras de los involucrados. Así que, como ya es costumbre (espero), tendrán que sacar su traductor interno.

Tell me a little bit about yourself:

I'm Julian, 19, and I study psychology at a noted German university. I'm originally from Southern Germany, where you can hardly find anything but misty woods and gaping mountains... So I spent the majority of my childhood on the outside and between my bookshelves. I think those days have put a great effect on my perspective on arts and fashion. I'm looking for the beauty in life, you know.

Describe an average day of your life:

I usually get up pretty early. The morning is my favourite time of day, so I try to enjoy it as intensely as possible. I take the tube to Uni and listen to the daily bunch of lectures (more or less awake). My free time is actually always filled up with taking photographs, reading, strolling through thrift stores, bookshops and Starbucks.

Since I've got the most amazing lady you could ever imagine by my side, I never have to worry about cooking. She's half-Italian, but in the kitchen (let me tell ya), she's obviously an entire one.

What are you really passionate about?

Shoes. Hats. London. Coffee. And Harry Potter, hahaha.

What's the fashion/arts scene for guys in Germany? Are you a part of it?

I don't like Germany's fashion scene that much. It's not very expanded and it actually agglomerates in the big cities like Berlin or Hamburg. The street style is not very innovative, people don't like to attract attention here. It's always the same boring mixture of overpriced vintage stuff and trend pieces. I prefer the alternative scene much more (though I am part of the fashion scene, as I model. My agency is

When did you become invested in fashion, how was that process?

Since I have a bigger sister, I've been in touch with fashion for as long as I can remember. She told me that fashion is a way to express yourself - I mean, we have to dress, so why shouldn't we have a little fun with it?

Well, I have to admit that it has not always been easy for a young boy in a small town on the countryside to wear fashionable clothing, you can't even imagine how cruel kids can be. But hey - I can be cruel too, hahaha. What I want to say within these words is that the most important thing is to do whatever you want to and, hell yes, never listen to anyone but yourself. I know that can be hard.

What's your opinion on blogging and blogging about fashion?

Well, OK, I really don't want to sound mean but I got a little sick of it. I only read a couple of blogs (fashion and photoblogs) which I really like and that I've been following for quite a long time now. Blogging has unfortunately become a very shot-lived trend. Blogs pop up one day and disappear the next. Everything's about getting followers, hypes or whatever and that makes me sick.

But don't get me wrong, blogging is generally a wonderful thing! I spend hours scrolling through Tumblr and Blogspot, searching inspiration for outfits and photography.

Why did you decide to do a joint blog with your girlfriend instead of having your own?

Frankly - I didn't want to be a part of that superficial community. But as I take tons of photos and have no place to show them, my girl convinced me (after years) to start a personal style blog. It's just nice to have more photos up, you know.
Your looks are always amazing, they have a nostalgic vibe, a little sadness (I love that). What's your main inspiration while doing your photos and; does anybody help you take them or you do it by yourself?

Thank you. I take all of the pictures on my own. My inspiration is varied, but I always refer to the dark side in some way: dark forest, night-time, loneliness, childhood, depression, silence, light... Anything that touches me.

Who would you consider a stylish person from this time?

For me, it's important to tell a story with your look, to show what inspires you and how you feel. For me, style means a certain line, a vibe, something that appears in all your looks and makes them fit together.

My favourite  bloggers are Violet Ell (surprise, surprise), Madeline Pendleton and Olivia Harrison. But there are also some models and musicians like Abbey Lee Kershaw, The Horrors or Cara Delevingne.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? What will you be doing?

I will have finished my studies and I have absolutely no idea what will happen then. I guess I'm gonna work as a neuroscientist and therapisht. Actually, I don't want to stay in Germany, I hope it will be possible to move to England or France. But I had to learn very early that it's hardly possible to make long-term plans for the future, so let's just wait and see what happens. It's nice when life surprises you.
When you're feeling pressured or overwhelmed, what activity helps you re-find your center? (Mine is going to the park and swing 'til I'm dizzy).

Ooh. I have to try that swinging thing, it sounds awesome! I actually just try to get calm by taking some time for myself. I love to take long walks in the evening, through the dark silent streets. The twilight can be so beautiful. Reading is also very essential for me. For those who are rather the outgoing kind of person, try it with burning the furniture.

What are some of your favourite musicians, books, TV series and artists?

Oh, my taste in TV series is rather cheesy. I'm addicted to Desperate Housewives and The Simpsons, ahaha! My favourite models are Abbey Lee Kershaw, Cara Delevingne, Sky Ferreira, Freja Beha Erichsen, Cole Mohr...

I usually listen to indie music, brit pop, electronic. My favourite book is Wuthering Heights by Emily Brönte. I also love Tolstoi, Shakespeare, Faulkner and, especially, Austen. Oh! And J.K. Rowling, for sure, hahaha.

What would you say to someone seeking general fashion advice?

Dressing can be so exciting. Just try whatever you like, it's you who decides how to present yourself! Don't listen to whatever anyone might say, just wear what you like and what makes you feel confident and comforted.
Thank you very much Julian! If you want to know more about this amazing, amazing guy, be sure to catch him on, check out his joint blog with the lovely Laura Catoni and keep an eye on him, he's truly awesome.



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