Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Carnival Boy

Carnival Boy
Carnival Boy 4 I'm wearing:

1. Plaid overshirt in beige, from H&M.
2. Longline tee in grey, from H&M.
3. Super skinny jeans in light denim, also from H&M.
4. High top suede sneakers in beige, from FUBU.
5. Rings, from H&M.
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Mid 1 capuchino sneakers, from ETQ / Check bomber, from MSGM / Odon long sleeve linen tee, from IRO / Tight jeans, from Cheap Monday
Carnival Boy 7
Meet me at the carnival, under the ferris wheel, going past the carousel and beyond the happy families playing with their kids. Meet me at the carnival, where everything seems like a dream but yet it's still a place filled with chances. Meet me at the carnival, where I left my hope and gave you my heart, in between shattered glass and broken promises. 

If you don't show up, it will be okay. If you don't show up, I'll understand that things are over and I'll finally be able to untie my heartstrings and let my love for you subside. If you don't show up, it won't be because we didn't try, it's because we tried too many times, because we're too far from each other and it's too painful to get back in that ride again. If you don't show up, I can't hurt you and you can't hurt me now.

// Veámonos en el carnaval, debajo de la rueda de la fortuna, pasando el carrusel y yendo más allá de las familias felices jugando con sus hijos. Veámonos en el carnaval, donde todo parece un sueño pero aún así es un lugar lleno de oportunidades. Veámonos en el carnaval, donde dejé mi esperanza y te entregué mi corazón, entre vidrios quebrados y promesas rotas.

Si no apareces, estará bien. Si no apareces, entenderé que las cosas se han terminado y por fin podré desatar las cuerdas de m corazón y dejar que mi amor por ti se calme. Si no apareces, no será porque no lo intentamos, será porque intentamos muchas veces, porque estamos muy lejos ya entre nosotros y es muy doloroso subirnos a este recorrido otra vez. Si no apareces, ya no puedo lastimarte y tú tampoco a mí.
Carnival Boy 5 Carnival Boy 2 Carnival Boy 6 Carnival Boy 3 Love always,

Photographer: Luis Galicia (@bigotesdelince).

Currently listening: Ryn Weaver - Pierre.

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