Friday, July 31, 2015

Neo Blue Breathing

Life is a collection of memories, a gathering of sunsets, moons and clouds. Every day could be the very last but it's also a first (in the sense that you'll never be the same person you were yesterday because you can only be the one you are today). We start breathing when we're born, we cry, we scream, we laugh. After a while, we breath a little every day, we get on with our lives and do our best to move forward.

The feeling of being stuck hit me when I was in Folsom, California, a couple days ago. People there get up and sleep early, they go to school or to their jobs, come back, have dinner, maybe a scotch or two, and then their days end. It's such an easy way of living, nothing that I've experienced before but, for some reason, it made feel stuck in my old life. I realized I want some simple things like that, I want to be able to come home to a wife and kids, sit down and have a scotch or two. People living a simple life might look like they're stuck, but are they really? Aren't we all looking for new air? A new way of breathing?

This is a small collection of sunsets I captured in Folsom. Hope you guys enjoy it.

Life in Folsom 6 Life in Folsom 1 Life in Folsom 4 Life in Folsom 5 Life in Folsom 3
Love always, 

Thursday, July 30, 2015

YouTube Monthly Recap: June-July

Hey guys! Again, I don't know if you're aware of this but I've launched a YouTube channel and it's been something really fun to do. Creating video content is way different than what I usually do here but I'm always up for a challenge. Here's a recap of the past two months (because I was a fool and forgot to do a post like this for June)!

Hope you guys like this and, if you do, come on board and subscribe to my channel, that would mean the world to me!

// ¡Hey amigos! No sé si saben pero lancé un canal de YouTube y ha sido algo muy divertido. Crear contenido audiovisual es muy diferente a lo que hago usualmente aquí pero siempre estoy dispuesto a un desafío. ¡Aquí hay una recapitulación de los últimos dos meses (porque fui un loco y olvidé hacer un post así en junio)!

Espero que les guste esto y, si es así, se sumen al proyecto y se subscriban a mi canal, ¡significaría muchísimo para mí!
Love always,

Tuesday, July 28, 2015


I think I spent way too much time of my life thinking and planning ahead of things that didn't even happen, you know? It's a matter of personality; I don't like surprises, I like structures and it's hard for me to adapt to things I didn't plan originally. That has given me great advantages in life but also has tempered some of my efforts too. I wish I was more spontaneous, a bit more reckless at times.

Adventure is out there, waiting for people to live it; life's about being able to take chances and risks without being afraid; it's about being brave but it's also about being in control and making the most out every possible scenario. Being free doesn't make you a careless person, being free allows you to take charge of situations and transform then into whatever you want them to be. I'm choosing to be free and that's one of the best decisions I've ever made.

// Creo que paso mucho tiempo de mi vida pensando y sobreplaneando cosas que, muchas veces, ni siquiera suceden, ¿saben? Es cuestión de personalidad; no me gustan las sorpresas, me gustan las estructuras y es difícil para mí adaptarme a cosas que no planeé originalmente. Eso me ha dado grandes ventajas en la vida pero también ha afectado ciertos esfuerzos que he hecho. Desearía ser más espontáneo, más desinhibido a veces.

Las aventuras están allá afuera, esperando a que la gente la viva; la vida se trata de tomar oportunidades y riesgos sin tener miedo; se trata de ser valiente pero también de mantener el control y sacarle provecho a todos los escenarios. Ser libre no significa que no te importan las cosas, ser libre te permite estar a cargo de las situaciones y transformarlas en lo que sea que quieras que sea. Estoy eligiendo ser libre y es una de las mejores cosas que he planeado.
Love always,