Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sylish dudes: Ben Galbraith

So, here's the deal. I'm launching a new sub-section for Stylish dudes, in which I'll interview some cool guys and share their thoughts here. Last month the interviewee was Mexican blogger, living in the UK, Ivam Kent. This month's is dapper Australian blogger: Ben Galbraith. 

// Estoy creando una nueva subsección de Stylish dudes, en la que entrevistaré a chavitos buena onda y compartiré sus respuestas aquí. El entrevistado del mes pasado fue un bloggero mexicano que vive en Inglaterra: Ivam Kent. Este mes es el bloggero australiano siempre pulcro: Ben Galbraith. 

La entrevista no tiene traducción porque no me gustaría modificar las palabras de los entrevistados, así que saquen el traductor interno que tienen, ja. 

Tell me a little bit about yourself:

Im a 23 year old guy from Adelaide, Australia. I am the creative director of 

Describe an average day of your life:

Pretty normal really... Get up... Go to work... Etcetera. When I’m not working, you can pretty much always find me drawing, taking photos, making short films or online playing various games. 

When did you discover that you were passionate about design and photography? How was that process?

I have always been interested in art and creativity ever since I was young.  

How do you feel about blogging (in general) and, blogging about fashion?

Hard question really... I probably don't take it quite as seriously as I should. I pretty much wear what I would on any given day of the week and photograph it quickly. 

When did you become invested in fashion, how was that process?

I've always been interested in fashion and personal style and I’ve always found menswear and fashion really fascinating. 

Who would you consider as a stylish dude from this time (say 2005-2012) and why?

A stylish person can be anyone really. I personally don't think there should be differences between those with style or those without... Because everyone has moments of being stylish and moments where they are not. 

You’re always perfectly dressed up. At what age did you make the decision of ditching the cotton t-shirts and sneakers and embracing the dress shoes and suits? What was your motivation?

It might sound funny... but I never was into the t-shirt/sneakers combo. I love suits.

I really like the videos that usually go along with your outfit posts. What inspires you to make them?

Anything really... I often start with an amazing piece of music and go from there. 

When you’re feeling pressured or overwhelmed, what activity helps you re-find your center? 

I play A LOT of PC games... I'll always relax most nights with some mates and just play for a while. 

What are you currently listening; reading and; watching on TV/internet? 

As of this moment right now I am watching a video of a cat wearing a Mexican outfit... Amazing. 

What advice can you give to bloggers who are starting their websites but don't get much exposure?

Work hard at your blog. Like it or not, you are creating a source of entertainment, no different from a magazine or newspaper. Always try and have fun writing your blog and being part of the blogging community, your readers will enjoy it a lot more! 

You can check out Ben on his blog, give him a "Like" on Facebook, follow him on Twitter, hype him in (he's the featured blogger this month) or purchase something from his online store

*All pictures above belong to Benjamin Galbraith. 

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