Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Standing On School Ground.

I'm wearing:

1. Studded black blazer, from Zara.
2. Burgundy t-shirt with leather pocket, from Zara.
3. Leather look skinny jeans, from H&M.
4. American flag sneakers, from Urban Outfitters.
5. Spiked bracelets, from Pull & Bear.
6. Mermaid necklace, from Asos.
7. Korean style backpack, from a little Korean shop.

I love my Korean school (Sungkyunkwan University), the campus is really beautiful and has a lot of different backgrounds for outfit shoots. I think it's way cooler for fashion photos, compared to my Mexican college (UNAM), where everything looks pretty much the same. If you don't believe me, revisit some posts from a few months ago and see it for yourselves.

However, as cool as the school is, the Korean method of teaching and learning doesn't really appeal to me. It's all about memorizing. Tests are incredibly difficult for me because of that. For my Korean teachers, memorizing is the only way to achieve true knowledge. It's so wrong... if you ask me. Doesn't really help that I have dyslexia and ADD; but hey! I'm getting average grades and that's all I ask for, haha.  

After buying this backpack, I truly feel like a Korean schoolboy. Really. A lot of Koreans are using these boxy-shaped backpacks and I think they look really awesome. It's a good balance between formal and casual which is kinda nice. The same thing with my outfit; the blazer and pants look fancy-ish together but with the sneakers, t-shirt and accessories, I managed to tone it down a bit. 

// Amo mi colegio coreano (Sungkyunkwan University), el campus es muuy bonito y tiene muchos escenarios distintos para tomar foto a mis atuendos. Creo que está mucho más padre para fotos de moda que mi colegio en México (UNAM), donde todo se ve más o menos igual. Si no me creen, revisen algunos posts de hace varios meses y vean por ustedes mismos.

Sin embargo, aún con lo padre que es el colegio, el método de enseñanza y aprendizaje coreano no me encanta. Todo se trata de memorizar. Los exámenes son increíblemente difíciles para mí por eso. Para mis maestros coreanos, memorizar es la única forma de alcanzar el verdadero conocimiento. Está muy mal... si me lo preguntan. No ayuda mucho que tengo dislexia y déficit de atención; pero al menos estoy sacando calificaciones regulares y eso es todo lo que pido, jaja.

Después de comprar esta mochila, me siento como un verdadero estudiante coreano. En serio. Muchísimos coreanos están usando estas mochilas cuadradas y creo que se ven bien padres. Es un buen balance entre formal y casual, eso está bueno. Lo mismo sucede con mi atuendo; el saco y los pantalones se ven medio fancy juntos pero con los tennis, la playera y accesorios, logré relajar el look un poco.
Expect to see more from my Uni in Korea soon!
Love always,

Photographed by me.

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