Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Caudalíe arrives in Mexico!

I get invited to lots of skincare/beauty events (mainly because I collaborate with Sephora) and I feel like I don't talk enough about them, maybe it's time to change that. Two weeks ago, the Sephora team invited me to a breakfast-brunch celebrating the arrival of Caudalíe, an amazing French brand that uses grapes as the base ingredient of its formulas.

I was extra excited because one of the two founders, Bertrand Thomas, was going to talk us through the whole concept of the brand. Seriously, he's one of the most charming fellas I've met, I had a really nice time! I love that he and his wife started Caudalíe without much support but their focus, goals and dreams were the things that pushed them to succeed, their story inspired me so much.

Now, let's talk about the products: first of all, they're unisex (sweet!); secondly, their ingredients are 100% natural and they don't test on animals, which is always a plus. I've been using the Premier Cru Elixir for several days and I'm loving how my skin feels, I'm such a skincare guru nowadays, hahaha. Caudalíe is available at their own online shop and in Sephora, you should really get something!

// Me invitan a muchos eventos de belleza/cuidado de la piel (principalmente porque colaboro con Sephora) y siento que no hablo lo suficiente de ellos, quizá es hora de cambiar eso. Hace dos semanas, el equipo de Sephora me invitó a un desayuno-brunch para celebrar la llegada de Caudalíe, una marca francesa bien padre que utiliza uvas como ingrediente base de sus fórmulas.

Estaba extra emocionado porque uno de los dos fundadores, Bertrand Thomas, iba a platicarnos toda la historia de la marca. En serio, es uno de los señores más encantadores que he conocido, ¡me divertí mucho! Amo que él y su esposa comenzaron Caudalíe sin mucho apoyo pero su determinación, emitas y sueños los impulsaron a triunfar, su historia me inspiró mucho.

Ahora hablemos de los productos: primero, son unisex (¡súper!); segundo, los ingredientes son 100% naturales y no hacen prueba en animales, que eso siempre es un plus. He estado usando el Premier Cru Elixir por varios días y estoy amando cómo se siente mi piel, ya soy todo un gurú del cuidado de la piel ahora, jajaja. Caudalíe ya está disponible en Sephora; ¡vayan y prueben algo! 
Bertrand Thomas and his wife Mathilde Thomas are the founders of Caudalie.
Brunch situation
Thanks Sephora & Caudalíe, I have a new favorite brand (:
Love always,

Photos courtesy of Business Boutique.

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