Wednesday, September 30, 2015

A Boy In His Room

A great deal of my summers have been spent in these for walls: my room. Sleeping, reading, cooking, playing video games, watching movies and TV series. Every year something different happens, I've danced, re-decorated, recorded videos. This room has seen a lot and will continue to do so until it's time to move elsewhere.

Memories, moments, experiences, all of those things that have happened here during this summer, and the ones behind it, are engraved in my brain and will become eternal, free, perpetual. What I wanted to capture with this editorial was the simplicity of a boy in his room, where anything and everything happens.

A boy in his room 5 A boy in his room 4 A boy in his room 3 A boy in his room 2 A boy in his room 1 Love always,


  1. This post is so lovely. I love how simple it is. I should do something like this, too.

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