Saturday, October 10, 2015


Sparks 2 I'm wearing:

1. Texturized bomber jacket, from H&M Conscious Exclusive.
2. Knit sweater in gray, from Forever 21.
3. Super skinny jeans in acid wash, from Pull & Bear.
4. Suede creepers in gray, from Kr3w.
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Harris plain toe blucher shoes, from Vince / Plaid bomber jacket, from Anzevino Getty / Petroi Knit Sweater, from IRO / Moto pintuck jeans, from Vince.
Sparks 6 Hey there! One thing I've always thought about brands and clothes is that they need to have a strong identity in order for people to buy them. I only buy fast-fashion items, those are the brands I know best; for example, have you ever seen an item or a person and say, 'oh, wow, he/she/it is so Pull & Bear'? Or Zara, or H&M... All of those brands have strong identities and that's one of the many reasons they're successful. 

It's important to feel inspired every time you're about to put together an outfit. I feel like fashion is a way to express yourself without having to speak and, in this world of first impressions, one good look or outfit can be enough to grant or deny an opportunity. I shot these photos at the H&M headquarters during a day when they transformed it into an art gallery. It was a super cool layout and I felt really inspired by my surroundings.

It's funny, sometimes you really feel like taking photos and, other moments, the sparks aren't there, no matter how much effort you put into it, without sparks there's no fire. This outfit was quite simple because, for once, I didn't want the clothes to be in the spotlight, I wanted to blend with the gallery and become one with it. I think, looking at the photo with my mannequin friends, I did quite a good job. Haha. What inspires you when you're about to get ready and dress up? Let me know in a comment!

// ¡Hola! Una cosa que siempre he pensado sobre las marcas y la ropa es que necesitan tener una identidad fuerte para que la gente las compre. Yo sólo compro cosas fast-fashion, esas son las marcas que conozco mejor; por ejemplo, ¿alguna vez han visto un objeto o una persona y dijeron 'oh, wow, él/ella/eso es muy Pull & Bear? O Zara, o H&M... Todas esas marcas tienen identidades fuertes y esa es una de las muchas razones por las que son exitosas.

Es importante sentire inspirado cada vez que vas a armar un atuendo. Siento que la moda es una forma de expresarte sin tener que hablar y, en este mundo de primeras impresiones, una buen atuendo o look puede ser suficiente para negar u otorgar una oportunidad. Tomé estas fotos en las oficinas de H&M durante un día que fueron transformadas en una galería de arte. Era un escenario súper padre y me sentí muy inspirado por mis alrededores.

Es chistoso, a veces sientes muchas ganas de tomar fotos y, en otros momentos, las chispas no están ahí, no importa cuánto esfuerzo le pongas, sin chispas no hay fugo. Este atuendo fue bastante simple porque, para variar, no quise que la ropa fuera el centro de atención, quise incorporarme con la galería y ser uno con ella. Creo que, viendo a la foto con mis amigos maniquíes, hice un trabajo bastante bueno. Jaja. ¿Qué los inspira cuando se están alistando y vistiendo? Díganme en un comentario.
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Photographer: Bobby Raffin.

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  2. Loving the look <3 agreeing that u've done quite a good job blending it with the mannequins lol My thoughts are just the same, first impression comes a lot from what u wear and how u present urself. My inspiration for outfit everyday would probably comes from the weather and the song i first listen to when I wake up :P Really nice post, pal xx Have a good weekend xx

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    1. Thank you Lenny! It's great to have you back here (:


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