Wednesday, July 6, 2016


Ipanema 3 I'm wearing:

1. Oversized clumbasters, from Ray Ban.
2. Graphic sweatshirt in red, from H&M.
3. Super skinny jeans in light wash, from H&M.
4. Hi top sneakers in white, from Adidas Originals.
5. Accessories, from Pull & Bear and H&M.

Ipanema 7
I'm one of those crazy guys that don't like beaches. If you tell me that your summer adventure consists on going to the beach, swimming and getting a tan, sure, I believe you... If you ask me to join you, oh boy, that's a different story. And I would, most definitely, say something weird like: "Oh, I only like beaches when it's cloudy and cold" or "I hate tans, I hate sweating and I don't really swim", haha.

I suppose that establishes that my idea of a summer holiday is quite different compared to your usual plan, but that doesn't mean that I can't enjoy a tropical adventure, let's just say that I will try my best to make it fit within my "city boy lifestyle". I guess this post is my way of saying that I'm actually in need of a good vacation and I don't think I'm going to get one soon, haha.

A big part about the goal of getting my mojo back during July is come to terms with who I am and what I'm capable of doing. It's time for me to stop trying to fool myself and accepting that there are things out there that are universally loved which I dislike and that, my friends, is okay. Don't fit the mold, be who you are, embrace that and stay weird.

// Soy de esa gente loca a la que no le gustan las playas. Si me dicen que su aventura de verano consiste en ir a la playa, nadar y broncearse, claro, les creo... Si me piden que los acompañe, ay, esa es una historia diferente. Y seguro, casi seguramente, diría algo raro como: "Oh, sólo me gusta la playa cuando está nublado y hace frío" o "odio broncearme, odio sudar y no soy fan de nadar", jaja.

Supongo que eso construye mi idea de las vacaciones de verano en forma distinta comparada a los planes usuales, pero eso no significa que no pueda disfrutar una aventura tropical, digamos que trataré mi máximo por hacerlo encajar con mi "estilo de vida de muchacho de ciudad". Creo que este post es mi forma de decir que estoy en una necesidad grande de unas buenas vacaciones y creo que no sucederán pronto, jaja.

Una parte grande en la misión de recuperar mi mojo durante Julio es hacer las pases con quien soy y lo que soy capaz de hacer. Es tiempo de dejar de engañarme y aceptar que hay cosas allá afuera que son universalmente amadas que no me gustan y eso, mis amigos, está bien. No encajen en el molde, sean quienes son, abracen eso y manténganse raros.
Ipanema 2 Ipanema 4 Ipanema 6 Ipanema 5 Love always,

Photographer: Alex Ivanisevic.

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