Sunday, July 31, 2016

Heartbreak Hotel

Life is a great story; we arrive to this world and become a part of it but not quite. We travel, discover, but we never conquer. It's like we're entering a place hoping to become one with it but we have to check out eventually. Life is like a hotel and hotels are similar to life. 

I've been thinking a lot lately, about me, about life, about people. I want to achieve so many things, I want to have more experiences in my bag. The other day, I ran into someone that reminded me how heartbreak feels like, how much I suffered for her and how far I've come as well. I was able to see her without feeling like my world was imploding, I was able to check out of heartbreak hotel.

Outdoor photos by Sara Castañón.

Indoor photos by Jorge Corona.

Currently listening: NCT U - Without You.

Hearbreak Hotel 1 Hearbreak Hotel 6 Hearbreak Hotel 5 Hearbreak Hotel 4 Hearbreak Hotel 3 Hearbreak Hotel 2 Love always,

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