Tuesday, September 10, 2013

L.A. Photo Journal. Final Part: Friends.

On trips like this, where I was alone almost the whole time, you find that company is really underrated. I'm a lone wolf, that's true. But the best days of L.A. were those with friends. Sure it's fun to try on that 2000 dollars viking sweater at Vivienne Westwood if you're going by yourself but hearing "You look like an Asian emperor" from a friend is much better.

At the Lookbook party, I met tons of nice people and when they asked to see me again, I was genuinely thrilled. My new friends (Camay & Andy) took me to Melrose Avenue, a really interesting street. The west part is full of thrift stores, toy shops and plain weird stuff. Haha. Sadly, I couldn't find anything there, I thought it was very overpriced. And the East side is really fancy, the designer stores are there and the vibe on the street feels completely different. It was so much fun.

Later, near the end of this trip, a friend from Mexico arrived (with some of her friends) and we saw each other a couple times to shop a little and have lunch. It was so much fun to have people to talk to after 2 weeks of being by myself. I'm really gonna treasure those days in my heart. Forever.
Johnny Cupcakes is a t-shirt store that looks like a kitchen. The t-shirts are fresh from the oven!
Snow White Cafe is a very strange, but cool, spot.
Thanks for sharing this experience with me, either in person or looking at the photos. It's safe to say that my first international trip was a great one.

Love always, 


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