Sunday, January 24, 2016

by the lake.

by the lake
by the lake 4 I'm wearing:

1. Studded vest in off white, from H&M.
2. Longline ombre t-shirt in gray, from H&M.
3. Super skinny jeans in acid wash, from Pull & Bear.
4. Sequin sneakers, from Vans.
5. Necklace, from Mi Moneda.
6. Oversized clubmasters, from Ray Ban.
7. Leather wrap-up bracelet, from Coach.
8. Rings, from H&M.
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Club master classic sunglasses, from Ray Ban / Shearling vest, from Our Legacy / Lawrence long tee, from Won Hundred / Skinny fit classic faded jeans 25, from BLK DNM.

by the lake 2 People often think I'm crazy... I know I'm quite unusual but I wouldn't label myself a crazy person. I like to think that I march to the beat of my own drum. I guess ever since I was little I knew that I wasn't like the other kids, I knew that I learned differently, that I thought differently and, not going to lie, it was tough. People expect you to behave in a certain way, to be something that they are familiar with, something able to classify. But reality is, and I know this for sure, not everyone fits into the existing categories. Life isn't Jeopardy.

There aren't many things to do in a small city like Folsom. People wake up and go to bed early; they ride their bikes and cars to do everything (there aren't many buses or ways of public transportation). I haven't had much human interaction (asides from family and a couple of their friends) so the day we went to the park was pretty interesting. Yes, I'm saying going to the park was interesting, go figure.

Everything started with my mom and sister telling me that my t-shirt was weird and that it looked like a dress. I explained longline to them but they weren't that interested. Then I had the vest; it was really cold outside but I really don't mind about that. I like being cold but people don't understand that. Several families were staring at me, it was really weird. And when I was snapping my photos, they kept staring. It made everything kind of awkward. It's not easy to be the peculiar guy, the crazy dude in a small town, so, I sought refugee by the lake, in the trees, in the sky. The irregularities in them made me feel regular again...

// Frecuentemente la gente piensa que estoy loco... Sé que soy bastante inusual pero no me catalogaría como una persona loca. Me gusta pensar que marcho a mi propio ritmo. Supongo que desde que era pequeño supe que no era como los otros niños, supe que yo aprendía diferente, que pensaba diferente y, no les voy a mentir, fue difícil. La gente espera que te comportes en cierta manera, ser algo con lo que están familiarizados, algo que puedan clasificar. Pero la realidad es, y sé esto con certeza, no todo mundo cabe en las categorías existentes. La vida no es Jeopardy.

No hay mucho qué hacer en una ciudad pequeña como Folsom. La gente se despierta y va a dormir temprano; conducen sus bicis y autos para hacer todo (no hay muchos autobuses o transporte público). No he tenido mucha interacción humana (excepto por mis familiares y sus amigos), así que el día que fuimos al parque se volvió muy interesante. Así es, estoy diciendo que ir al parque fue interesante, ya se imaginarán.

Todo comenzó con mi mamá y hermana diciendo que mi playera era rara y que parecía un vestido. Les expliqué lo que es longline pero no les interesó mucho. Luego tenía el chaleco; hacía frío afuera pero a mí no me importa eso. Me gusta tener frío pero la gente no lo entiende. Muchas familias estaban viéndome feo, fue muy raro. Y cuando estaba tomando fotos me seguían viendo, eso hizo todo algo incómodo. No es fácil ser el chavito peculiar, el raro en el pueblo, así que busqué refugio por el lago, en los árboles, en el cielo. Las irregularidades en ellos me hicieron sentir regular otra vez...
by the lake 5 by the lake 3 by the lake 7 by the lake 6 Love always,

Photographer: Adri (my sister).

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