Wednesday, December 21, 2016

A Lonely Road

A lonely road
A lonely road 4 I'm wearing:

1. Chevron chunky knit sweater, from H&M.
2. Super skinny jeans in black, from H&M.
3. Suede lace up boots in brown, from Frank Wright.
4. Pineapple necklace, from H&M.
5. Rings, also from H&M.
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Lennon calf lace-up boots, from H by Hudson / Herrings wool crew sweater, from Theory / Rockson camellos cable sweater, from Theory / Him spray shine coated jeans, from Cheap Monday.   
A lonely road 6
Throughout this month, I've been focusing on the positive aspects of having people that you love around you, but, now I want to tackle something a bit different: what happens when you don't have that? When you're walking a lonely road with no one else around? Well, I think there are two ways of looking at situations like that: you're alone because you haven't found the people you're looking for  and neither have them OR you're alone because you choose to be alone.

A few months ago, I had a conversation with my sister and I told her that I'm becoming more and more practical with my emotions and I've decided that if someone isn't adding anything to my life, I'll kick that person out of it, it doesn't matter if that person has been my friend for ages or if he/she is a part of my family. I've realised that I don't need any energy draining from anybody and that's why, if the time comes, I will be okay with being alone.

The other route is tricky as well; I've met people that, for one reason or the other, can't manage to socialise and function around others; I'm pretty sure you've met someone like that: they can be awkward, or annoying or rude... For some reason, people seem to avoid them. If you're not okay with being alone, sometimes it's important to make an effort and modify certain aspects of your personality, that will make it easier for you and for others to gather and start creating bonds, start making friendships happen.

// Durante este mes, me he concentrado en los aspectos positivos de tener a gente que amas cerca de ti, pero, ahora quiero abordar algo un poquito diferente: ¿Qué sucede cuando no tienes eso, cuando caminas una vereda solitaria con nadie alrededor? Pues, creo que hay dos formas de ver situaciones así: estás solo porque no has encontrado a la gente que estás buscando ni ellos a ti O estás solo porque eliges estar solo.

Hace unos meses, tuve una conversación con mi hermana y le dije que me estoy volviendo más y más práctico con mis emociones y he decidido que si alguien no le está añadiendo algo a mi vida, entonces no va a pertenecer en ella, no me importa si esa persona ha sido mi amiga desde hace mucho tiempo o si es parte de mi familia. Me he dado cuenta que no necesito que nada ni nadie me drene la energía y por eso es que, si el momento llega, estaré bien con la idea de estar solo.

La otra ruta también es peculiar; he conocido gente que, por alguna razón, no puede lograr socializar y funcionar bien alrededor de otros; estoy seguro que han conocido a alguien así: pueden ser incómodos, o molestos o groseros... Por alguna razón, las personas los evitan. Si no estás bien estando solo, quizá sea buena idea hacer un esfuerzo y modificar algunos aspectos de tu personalidad, eso hará que todo sea más fácil para ti y para los que te rodean y puedan empezar a crear lazos y amistades.
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