Thursday, August 21, 2014

Still feels like home

I'm wearing:

1. Gray sweater with spikes, customized by me.
2. Studded beige jeans, from H&M.
3. Gray suede desert boots, from Pull & Bear.
4. Mermaid necklace, from Asos.
5. Bracelets and rings, from H&M and thrifted.
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I've heard that home is where your heart is and that's not necessarily attached to a house or a group of people. It's very true. I visited my dad on the east coast of Mexico, a city called Merida, and his house still feels like my home. My mom and dad got divorced when I was thirteen or so, ever since then, I feel like I have two homes and, truth be told, it's not a bad thing.

I used to have a great dog at the Merida house but he past away last year. That was heart-breaking. I was really upset; imagine my surprise when I arrive and see this funny golden fella that decided to crash my photos. That's right, I have a new dog, his name's Theo and he's crazy awesome. I'm such a dog person (small dogs), they make me happy. And, although no one can replace my previous pet, this little guy made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, he made me feel even more at home.

On a side note, it's important to say that Merida is a hot city, and I mean weatherly. They live at around 108ºF (39 ºC) all year and it's humid and horrible and I hate it. It's really hard to dress up properly and the way I like it with that heat but I managed to do my best. A lightweight sweater, beige jeans and desert boots helped me survive without looking sloppy (I'm not a "t-shirt and shorts" kinda guy and I'll never be one). 

Let me know if you feel like you have different places you call home and that sort of stuff over at the comment section (:

// He oído que el hogar es donde está tu corazón y que eso no necesariamente está atado a una casa o grupo de personas. Es muy cierto. Visité a mi papá en la costa Este de México, una ciudad llamada Mérida, y su casa aún se siente como mi hogar. Mis papás se divorciaron cuando yo tenía 13, desde entonces, siento que tengo dos hogares y, a decir verdad, no se siente mal.

Solía tener un perro increíble en la casa de Mérida pero falleció el año pasado. Eso me rompió el corazón. Estaba muy alterado; imaginen mi sorpresa cuando llego y veo a este amiguín dorado que decidió colarse en mis fotos. Así, tengo un perrito nuevo, se llama Theo y es lo máximo. Me encantan los perros (especialmente los pequeños), me hacen feliz. Y, aunque nadie nunca reemplazará a mi antigua mascota, esta joya de perro me hace sentir cálido y chistoso en el interior, me hizo sentir aún más en casa.

En una nota relacionada, es importante decir que Mérida es una ciudad caliente, y me refiero al clima. Viven como a 40ºC todo el año y hay humedad y es horrible y lo odio. Es difícil vestirse bien y como me gusta con esa temperatura pero me las arreglé para verme lo mejor que pude. Un sweater ligero, jeans beige y botas de desierto me ayudaron a sobrevivir sin verme como pordiosero (no soy un hombre de shorts y playera y nunca lo seré). 

Cuéntenme si sienten que tienen diferentes lados a los que llaman hogar y ese tipo de cosas en la sección de comentarios.
C'mon, isn't he awesome?
Love always,

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  1. Really sorry 2 hear about the divorce and ur dog's passing, it's really sad of me 2 hear so. I feel like each of us could have many places we call home. I used 2 live in Singapore for a few years and now moving 2 UK, i feel more attached 2 them both places than my actual hometown and I think they're like the only places I can come and stay and feel the true essence of home xx Love the outfit, man, and Merida seems 2 be quite the same as Singapore since It's always up 2 37 degrees within the day everyday xx Hope u'll have a great weekend xx

    1. Thanks, mate. As usual, you're very right Lenny, I also feel like we can have multiple places that feel like home. Oh, and it's nice to know you feel my pain with the weather, it's really awful.

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