Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Over My Shoulder

I'm wearing:

1. Blue blazer, form H&M.
2. Denim shirt, from H&M.
3. Black t-shirt with double square drawing, from 2 Square Clothing.
4. Super skinny jeans in black, from Asos.
5. Smith boots in navy washed leather, from Frank Wright Shoes.
6. Wide brim hat in black, from H&M.
7. Rings and leather bracelet, also from H&M.
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I practice what I preach, so here's the look I promised wearing something over my shoulders. This time, I chose a slightly oversized blazer to top a layered look. I didn't originally wanted this blazer to be one size too big but it was part of a collaboration project with H&M and it looked so cool... I knew I wanted it anyway, so by styling it as a cape the original size didn't end up being that important. It's a large, I'm a medium who wasn't about to spend precious bucks on a tailor, haha.

Like I mentioned on the style guide, it's important that the piece you're wearing on top of your shoulders is a bit oversized to give you freedom of movement, just a little (so it doesn't look TOO big), see how broad my shoulders look? That's because it's the right amount of oversize. I also wanted the blazer to be the final layer of my outfit, without it, the whole vibe would be way more casual.

One of the things I didn't mention on the previous post is that wearing jackets like capes is fresher. Your arms are basically naked and you're really only covering your back, therefore, more ventilation is guaranteed. I really like how everything looked together, I don't think it looks girly at all because it's a manly blazer but, when it's your turn, that matter will really depend on the piece you choose, how you style it and what you're ultimate goal is.

If you didn't read the styling guide for wearing garments over your shoulders, CLICK HERE.

// Practico lo que predico, aquí está el atuendo que prometí utilizando algo sobre mis hombros. Esta vez, elegí un saco ligeramente grande para finalizar un look en capas. Originalmente, no quería que este blazer fuera una talla más grande pero fue parte de una colaboración que hice con H&M y se veía bien padre... Supe que lo quería aún así, al estilarlo como una capa, el tamaño original terminó siendo no tan importante. Es grande, yo soy mediano y no quería gastar en un sastre, jaja.

Como mencioné en la guía de estilo, es importante que la pieza que usen sobre los hombros sea un poquito más grande para que les de oportunidad de moverse, sólo un poquito (para que no se vea MUY grande), ¿notan lo anchos que se me ven los hombros? Eso es porque tiene el tamaño adicional correcto. También quería que el saco fuera la capa final de mi atuendo, sin él, creo que la vibra transmitida sería mucho más casual.

Una de las cosas que no mencioné en el post anterior es que usar chaquetas como capas es más fresco. Tus brazos están, esencialmente, desnudos y realmente sólo estás cubriendo tu espalda, ergo, más ventilación es garantía. Me gusta mucho cómo se ve todo junto, no creo que se vea femenino para nada porque es un saco masculino pero, cuando les toque a ustedes, ese asunto realmente dependerá de la pieza que elijan, cómo la estilen y cuál sea su meta final.

Si no han leído mi guía para estilar piezas sobre los hombros, hagan CLICK AQUÍ.
Hope you try something like this soon!
Love always,

Photographer: Sandi

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  1. It's such a statement look u've created, I think having something like a blazer or trench coat or even cape as the outer layer can look really classy and chic, and yes, it's should be just a little bit broader than the shoulders for more convenient movement :D this is definitely something i'll be choosing 2 go for fashion events or else xx Love the wide bowler hat btw, very vintage and elegant <3 Have a great day, mate xx And it'd be wonderful if u could check out my latest post The French Boy as well xx

    1. Thanks very much Lenny, I think it really is super useful to have oversized pieces, you never know, the right time to wear them may come sooner than you'd expect (:


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