Sunday, July 13, 2014

My Rainy Days

I'm wearing:

1. Black leather jacket, from Forever 21.
2. Cut and sew panel t-shirt, from H&M.
3.Paneled super skinny jeans, also from H&M.
4. Leather and suede desert boots, from Asos.
5. Hip flask necklace, from Pull & Bear.
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You know how, when you're traveling, sometimes there's a feeling that tells you it's time to go back but, then, when you're home, you miss the other place and want to go back or leave where you are right now? Well, I've been having that moment repeating itself over several days lately. I call those "my rainy days."

Somehow, I knew that the time I spent in Las Vegas was enough and, for several reasons, I wanted to come home but small things like great supermarkets or better public transportation make me think that leaving places that are better than your own home isn't as easy as it seems. Rainy days are everywhere I guess.

Coincidentally, for these batch of photos, there were water puddles everywhere. It's raining a lot lately, inside my mind and in the outer world. I wanted to wear a darker palette of colors to help symbolize how I feel inside. It's not like I'm dark and leathery for real but, at moments, you may think I am, if that makes sense. Ha. It is said that after a storm comes a calm, let's hope that saying is right.

// ¿Ubican cómo, cuando viajas, hay veces en que algo te dice que es momento de partir pero, entonces, cuando estás en casa, extrañas el otro lugar y quieres volver o irte de donde estás ahora? Pues, yo he tenido ese momento repitiéndose una y otra vez en el transcurso de varios días últimamente. A esos días, les llamo "mis días lluviosos."

En cierta forma, sabáí que el tiempo que pasé en Las Vegas fue suficiente y, por múltiples razones, quise volver a casa pero hay cosas pequeñas como los grandes supermercados o mejor transporte público mmd hace pensar que dejar lugares que son mejores que tu propio hogar no set tan fácil como parece. Los días lluviosos están por doquier, supongo.

Coincidencia, para estas fotos, había charcos de agua en todos lados. Está lloviendo mucho últimamente, dentro de mi mente y en el mundo exterior. Quería usar una paleta de colores más obscura para ayudar a simbolizar cómo me siento por dentro. No es que sea obscuro y de piel en serio pero, por momentos, podría pensarse que lo soy, si eso tiene sentido. Ja. Es dicho que tras la tempestad viene la calma, espero que ese dicho sea correcto.
Love always,

Photographed by me.

Currently watching: Wuthering Heights (2011 version).


  1. I feel ya, mate. It's very difficult 2 leave a place u love behind 2 come home, little things will remind u of all the good times and memories u've had there, but just think there'll still be chances for u 2 come back one day. Outfit's so chic and nice, and i'm rooting for those shoes :D hair's gorgeous 2, love that pink champaign tone, think i'll have 2 get my hair done like that soon Lol

    Hope u'll have a great week ahead, mate. xx

    1. Thanks Lenny! I think you're right, there's always the chance to go back and stuff. And you should definitely dye your hair pink if you can, it's a really fun color to have.

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