Thursday, July 3, 2014

Time changes everyone.

I'm tired of people saying that, ever since I came back from Korea, "I'm changed" or "I stopped behaving like myself" or, sometimes, even when I'm doing something like giving a comment or advice, my friends say "Wow, you didn't use to say stuff like that". Well, newsflash (mostly to myself), I did change. At first, it was hard to admit it to myself, it still is. I don't feel very different but I know that now I see things under other conditions. 

It's easier for me now to detach from things, from people; I'm also way more independent and; perhaps I grew colder. Time passes and it changes people. I will never be the person I was before going away and never be the person I was in Seoul again. I had amazing experiences, I loved people, I was betrayed, I was hurt. I used to believe in people, now I know better, I know that you can only believe in yourself. Time changes everyone.

// Estoy cansado de que la gente me diga que, desde que regresé de Korea, "estoy cambiado" o que "dejé de comportarme como yo" o, algunas veces, cuando hago algo como comentar o dar consejos, mis amigos dicen "Wow, no solías decir cosas así". Pues, noticia (más para mí), sí cambié. Al principio me costaba mucho admitirlo a mí mismo, aún lo es. No me siento muy diferente pero sé que ahora veo las cosas bajo condiciones distintas.

Es más fácil ahora desapegarme de cosas, de gente; también soy mucho más independiente y; quizá, me volví más frío. El tiempo pasa y cambia a las personas. Nunca seré la persona que era antes de irme y jamás seré la persona que fui en Seoul otra vez. Tuve experiencias increíbles, amé gente, fui traicionado, me lastimaron. Solía creer en la gente, ahora soy más listo, sé que sólo puedes creer en ti mismo. El tiempo los cambia a todos.
Let them talk, words are just sounds.
Love always,


  1. I feel u,mate . It is true one person will never stay themselves all the time especially going back from overseas, and it is not okay 2 expect u 2 be that same old person u once were. People can be bad, can be untrustworthy, but there are still good people out there, so dont lose hope on putting ur trust on people. Have a great weekend, mate :D
    Lenny xx

    1. Hey Lenny! Yeah, you do have valid points there. I still put my trust on people, fewer now, but I don't know about believing in them. It's weird but only time will tell what happens next.


  2. Hi there!!!! I've definetely fallen in love with your style and blog!!!!!! I read your bio and you seem very cool.....I love strange ideas ^_^ love america and hope one day I'll can be food, culture, places, show biz..everything!!!! I'm very mad for your country... I follow you on chictopia, facebook, instagram, bloglovin and IFB..hope you'll do the same!!!! I'll wait for you on my ilaria (italy)

    My way to be Myself



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