Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Classy Hotel.

I'm wearing:

1. Leather biker jacket in black, from H&M.
2. Simple cream shirt, from Pull & Bear.
3. Super skinny jeans in black, from Asos.
4. Leather lace-up boots in black, from Asos.
5. Oversized velvet bow tie, also from Asos.
6. Rings, from H&M.
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It's really funny to see tourists when you go to a foreign city, especially the way they dress. You know what I'm talking about right? Like girls in short-shorts, sneakers (with ankle socks) or flip flops (in the best case scenario)... Throw in the caps, the visors or, the worst of all, the fanny pack. Haha. It really cracks me up! I hate typical tourist outfits.

That's why, when I go out to see the town, I wear the same thing I would wear on my own city. I don't care for comfort, I'm used to wearing the things I own and, strangely, my body does not complain. The big plus of doing what I do is that my photos won't ever look like those awful tourist pictures. Seriously, you're in an awesome place and you're wearing Crocs or ankle socks with shorts for the photos? Awful.

During our stay in Las Vegas, we visited several hotels (way fancier than our own) and the Mandalay Bay proved to be one of the classiest and prettiest to look at. That's why the outfit shoot happened in the middle of a lobby, next to a fountain. Nobody from the staff or security objected because, for real, we didn't look like ugly tourists. That's 1 point for fashion and 0 for "tourist comfort." WIN.

// Es muy chistoso ver a los turistas cuando vas a una ciudad extranjera, especialmente la forma en que se visten. Saben de lo que hablo ¿no? Como niñas en mini shorts, tennis (con calceta al tobillo) o chanclas (en el mejor de los casos)... Sumen gorras, viseras o, el peor de todos los crímenes, canturreas. Jaja. En serio me mata de risa. Odio los atuendos típicos de los turistas.

Por eso es que, cuando salgo a ver la ciudad, me visto igual que como en casa. No me importa la comodidad, ya me acostumbré a usar mi ropa y, extrañamente, mi cuerpo jamás se queja. El gran plus de hacer las cosas así es que, cuando tomo fotos,  no son jamás como esas fotos horribles de turista. En serio, ¿estás en un lugar increíble y te atreves a usar Crocs o calcetas al tobillo con shorts para tus fotos? El horror.

Durante nuestra estancia en Las Vegas, visitamos varios hoteles (mucho más fancy que el nuestro) y el Mandalay Bay probó ser uno de los más padres y elegantes. Por eso la sesión de atuendo sucedió en medio del lobby, junto a la fuente. Nadie de los que trabajaban ahí nos regañó ¿saben por qué? Porque no nos veíamos como turistas feos. Eso es 1 punto para la moda y 0 para la "comodidad turista". WIN.
Love always,

Photographer: Fer (@FerStalder).

Currently listening: Rixton - Problem.


  1. Love the outfit, mate. That bow tie goes with the shirt and the leather jacket just creates a whole new vibe for the look, classy but dusty, chic but also swag. I dont as well understand why people dress so badly when they go on holidays, those are supposed 2 be the chances 2 dress up, go out and showcase ur clothes. Definitely agree with u on this.


    1. Thanks man! Chic but swag sounds like an amazing thing! Haha.


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