Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Tree houses. Secret bases

 I'm wearing:

1. Denim shirt, from H&M.
2. Ombre sleeveless t-shirt, from H&M.
3. Red skinny jeans, from People's Market.
4. Gray suede desert boots, from Pull & Bear.
5. Feathered necklace, from Asos.
6. Bracelet, from H&M.
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When I was a little kid, my friends and I used to hide in trees. It was like a hideout, our secret bases; I remember there was this particular tree with two levels, the top was for the bigger kids that could climb higher and the lower half was for the little brothers. Eventually, we were able to reach higher trees and, as we grew, the secret base became a place for smoking and making out with girls. Haha. We were thirteen, a place to do those things was needed.

Life has taught me that, sometimes, some days, we long for a special place, a refuge to escape mundanity, and while I'd love to have a tree house or something like that, I have to accept that I'm not a child anymore; although one of these days, I think, I'll try and climb the old tree where my old friends and I carved memories that will last a lifetime.

I shot these photos next to a tree that has always been around my house. I remember that it used to be really small (like half my height) and it has grown really big. It reminds me of sweet summer days and, I don't know, I wanted to have it on photos. I'm wearing a fresher outfit (because it wasn't raining, thank God), mixing coloured denim with suede and feathers. Let me know what you think of it or, even better, if you had a tree house or secret base when you were little.

// Cuando era pequeño, mis amigos y yo solíamos escondernos en árboles. Era como tener bases secretas; recuerdo un árbol en particular que tenía dos niveles, la parte de arriba era par laos grandes que podían escalar más alto y la de abajo era para los hermanos chiquitos. Eventualmente, pudimos alcanzar árboles más altos y, conforme crecimos, la base secreta se convirtió en un lugar para fumar y besarnos con niñas. Jaja. Teníamos trece años, un lugar para hacer eso era necesario.

La vida me ha enseñado que a veces, algunos días, ansiamos un lugar especial, un refugio para escapar lo mundano, y aún cuando me encantaría tener una casa en un árbol o algo así, tengo que aceptar que ya no soy un niño; pero uno de estos días, creo, intentaré escalar ese viejo árbol donde mis viejos amigos y yo tallamos memorias que durarán toda una vida.

Tomé estas fotos junto a un árbol que siempre ha estado cerca de mi casa. Recuerdo que solía ser muy pequeño (como de la mitad d dmi estatura) y ha crecido muchísimo. Me hace pensar en días dulces de verano y, no sé, quería tenerlo en fotos. Estoy usando un atuendo más fresco (porque no llovió, gracias a Dios), combinando mezclilla de colores con gamuza y plumas. Cuéntenme qué les parece o, aún mejor, si tenían una base secreta o casa del árbol cuando eran niños.

Love always,

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  1. I always wanna have a place of my own 2 do my stuffs, like a hideout, and I wanna know how it feels to have a tree house loool, outfit's awesome mate, the red denim trousers are so cool <3


  2. I really love your outfit. The pink trousers are very awesome, but I am afraid that your hairstyle isn't that cool, if I were you, I would it change it lol!


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