Monday, February 29, 2016

Chats and carousels

When I started this blog, I remember that the very first outfit post I did revolved around a small carnival-isn fair that I came across. Ever since then, I've been wanting to do a photo-shoot with a carousel in the background. You have no idea how badly I looked for one and how difficult it was to get permission to shoot at one.

But here we are, four years later, in a freakin' carousel. It was magical. I fulfilled one of my fashion dreams and, with a little help of my friends Luis Galicia, Aaron Walls and Alex from MexAlex, I was able to snap (and now publish) the photos I only dreamt of doing in the past.

This was a special day because not only was I able to hang around with friends but also Alex did some photos with me. I've always said that meeting people and have them become friends is my favourite part of being a blogger; so this photo-day summed everything I love about blogging and gave me fuel to keep going for more. Here's to us, to new dreams and adventures.

Photographed by Aaron Walls.

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